Learn/ Tech

808 Audio Hex TL bluetooth speaker
Alcatel Once Touch Idol 3 Smartphone
Assistive Technology at TDSB
Belkin iPhone 
Binoculars Tasco
Boxwave Accessories for mobile devices
Brother Business Smart Inkjet printer
Canon External Flash and grey card
Catalyst case for iPad Mini
Complete Idiots Guide to Windows 8
E-Case for iPod and iPhone
ESET mobile security and ESET smartphone
EZVIZ security cameras Mini 360 plus and Mini trooper
GoBuddy+ Kanex
Google home
HooToo USB hub
HP Photosmart 7520 printer
Huawei Y210 and Y201 Ascend phone
InnoTab 3 VTech
iPhone 5s 
Jabra Sport Coach
Jabra Stealth bluetooth and move wireless
Kanex Sydnee recharging station and Kanex Sydnee giveaway 
Kanex GoPower Pack 
Kanex GoBuddy+
Kanex MiColor ChargeSync, Wall and Car charger
Kobo Glo HD 
Kobo Aura H2O 
Kobo Clara
Kodak hero printer 9.1

Thinking Global: Charity and Environment
Expressing with art
Farmers feed cities fresh from the field event
Importance of gardening 
Kashi Plant it Forward
Kinder joy to share and helping others
Learn how to be green at home 
Learn how to be green at school
Microsoft technology for Inclusive education in classrooms
Rice Krispies make a treat donation
Shot@life united nation
TOMS One for One
Toonies for tummies
We Day Air Canada Centre 
We Day 2014 and 
We Day family 2016

Learning from Seasonal Events 

Parenting memories and insight
Activities to do with children
An interest in bugs
Back to school tips 
Back to school tech tips
Baking kits to have fun
Baking traditions with family and friends
Be covered Manulife
Bed time routines for children
BIC handwriting 
Birthdays are special
Block play helps with child development
Brownie treats kit to have fun 
Brushing children's teeth and Philips Sonicare
Celebrate Earth hour under candlelight
Children are unique
Creating memories 
Eating healthy programs at TDSB 
Eliminating prejudice
Encouraging to become travellers
Excitement of getting a good surprise
Eye care and annual examinations 
Eye checking before school starts 
Fun activities we do at home to relax
Getting active and adopting healthy healthy habits YMCA camps and programs
Helicopter parenting Best Buy Back to school
Hydrasense for nasal congestion
Ideas on what to send for school
Imagining and discovering while playing with toys
Importance of having a good mentor
Internet and Smartphone Safety TELUS WISE
Introducing different cuisine
Kinder Surprise special treats for road trips and KinderSmiles
Learning to camp
Mancala a fun board game to play 
Memorable moments with Fisher-Price toys 
Million moments of being a mom 
My children's milestones
Nobody takes care like mom does 
Opening conversations
Overcoming life's challenges
Passport to imagination Michaels summer craft program 
Michaels Summer Passport to imagination travelling to museums
Perfect Parent book
Playing board games for family time 
Playing with sand and benefits for children
Raspberry picking 
Reading with children using games 
RESP contribution and Smart Saver 
Saving with save.ca 
Saving money for our children and saving for children's education
Science experiments slime, candle making, invisible ink, rock candy
Spending time with children when you are doing your own work