Sunday, April 15, 2012

Green Living show 2012 experience

We learned about eco-friendly products and ways we to be part of sustainable living at the Green Living Show, which is held at the Direct Energy Centre CNE from April 13th till April 15th.
We got to know about a few neat services that are available, which are free for us to use to get rid of our garbage in an environmentally friendly way.
Here are a few:
TerraCycle: We have to sign up and tell which type of the waste we like to collect, start collecting and send it to TerraCycle using their free shipping UPS slip. The materials that are collected will be used to create new products. This operates all over the world so do your part by joining.
Recycle your electronics: For office and home electronic products.
Orange drop: They safely dispose our hazardous waste free of charge. Household hazardous wastes should not be thrown in the garbage or down the drain. We can take it to municipal HHW depot collection event or take the paint and batteries to a retail drop-off location. Put your postal code on the side bar and search for the collection depots. I am looking forward to their recycled paint that doesn't have harmful fumes.
There were many eco-friendly options and concepts to use within the home such as rain barrels, solar powered panels, roofing, attic, green windows, water systems etc... They had a variety of gardening products and tips. There were many products related to fashion, beauty and clothing which is made using natural organic material such as pure cotton and bamboo.
The show also had companies and business that taught about healthy living yoga, exercise etc... The electronic cars on display looked really cool.
There were lots of things related to bio-diversity i.e. plants, seeds, flowers, planting with Rona and Rouge park and magazines that gave more tips about how we can be part of cultivating a green city.
We spent a lot of time at the Eco-zone which had lots of hand-on children friendly things to do. They had reptiles to touch. There were lots of playhouses and toys built with cardboard. Children mixed clay, soil and wildflower seeds and made seed balls to plant. I found out that there was corn-based glue from Elmer's :)
The ROM had organized a booth where we learned about some creatures found in the oceans in Canada.
The children made this cool fish using paper plates. To make these paper plate fish they used...
paper plates
googly eyes
yarn to hang

They cut a triangle shape on one sides of the paper plate, and stapled the triangle piece on to the opposite side (horizontally on where the cut was made).
Glued the googly eyes and decorated the fish. Punched a hole to hang the fish using yarn.
There was a lot of food to taste that were organic and healthy. They had the mushroom growing kits at the Organic Garage to grow our own oyster mushrooms at home.

I was happy to see some familiar products that were at the show.
Rough park
ROM, WWF, RONA etc...

Although organic and eco-friendly products have so many benefits to all of us, they aren't very accessible. My hope is that it would become wide spread so people would be able to purchase regularly for a reasonable price.
Paying the extra cash makes many of us become reluctant to be eco-friendly in all areas of Green Living, but at the Green Living Show I felt that the long term cost to our pockets and the environment is less when we use these eco-friendly products.

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  1. Thanks for posting all this information. Must have been fun. I agree with you 100%. I wish the same for food stuff sold at farmers markets. I wish they sell it cheaper, or atleast at affordable prices, it is only then that people may begin to consider buying it.

  2. How much fun! I'd love to attend something like this if it ever came to San Diego. Our school has used Terra Cycle for a couple of projects. It really is getting easier and easier to recycle -- no excuses, people!

  3. It looks like an interesting show--we're good with recycling/composting, but really need to look into other ways to make our house more green.

  4. It's so imp for kids to particpate in such a programs..Way to goo!!!


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