April 17, 2012

War Horse

War Horse is an engaging superb movie. It is on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital and On-demand since April 3rd. This classic is well worth owning for the family collection. The Blu-ray DVD combo pack as special features such as filmmaking journey, editing & scoring music for the movie, the sophisticated sounds on War Horse and more.

Steven Spielberg, the director and producer of this epic adventure has done a wonderful job. The movie is visually stunning with lots of action and drama. The audience will totally love this heartwarming story. The movie has received six academy award nominations for best picture, best cinematography, best original score, best art direction, best sound editing and best sound mixing.

The movie is seen through the eyes of an unforgettable horse named Joey. It is about the extraordinary friendship, loyalty, courage and hope. We enjoyed every part of this powerful moving story. It is totally worth watching.

The movie may even open up discussions and thinking about the perception of war and its impact. War Horse will make us realize that war causes everyone the same problems and it doesn't matter which side of the barricade we are in.
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  1. We saw this film recently. It was terrific, we absolutely loved it.

  2. Really an amazing film. The cinematography and music for this movie were just the best.

  3. I really want to see this movie, the trailer looked fantastic and i have heard so many great things about it.

  4. I wasn't able to see this because I couldn't ensure that my baby would be okay with sitting through the movie. I heard it was fantastic! I wanted to see it so much especially since I'm a rider :)

  5. Haven't seen this movie yet...would love to watch it!

  6. I loved this movie. Being a horse owner though it was a bit difficult to watch at times. But all in all two giant thumbs up on it.

  7. We have been wanting to see this! Thank you for the chance.

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  8. Would love to win :). Twitter follower @marlibu

    Marlibup (t) gmail( dot) com

  9. Haven't seen this movie yet but heard it was great!

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  10. I haven't seen this yet but it looks amazing!
    My email is: nyx.t2t@gmail.com

  11. I saw the live version! I would love to see the movie
    a_meecq @ hotmail . com

  12. I'd love to see this. Thanks for the chance!

  13. I would love to see this. Thanks for the chance!


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