April 17, 2012

Oliver's labels

Like many other parents, I also like to label belongings that I send with my children to school i.e. bag, shoes, lunch box etc... .

These cute waterproof labels from Oliver's label makes the job easier. The original and mini labels are perfect to put on to clean dry smooth surfaces i.e. lunch box and bottles.

Right and left feet shoe label can be placed on the dry insole of the shoes. Stickeez clothing labels are easy to place on clothing without ironing or sewing by sticking it on to the care-tag of the clothes.

The labels are made with strong permanent adhesives, and should only be handled by adults and not by children. Although the labels won't feel strong it will firmly bond to smooth clean surfaces.

I like the ease of using these customed labels. I placed the original and mini labels on my daughter's school belongings i.e. lunch box, water bottle, pencil case, pencil and scissors. The labels were easy to put on all these different surfaces.

My favourite is the shoe label. I was able to put it easily on the insole of my daughter's shoes, so she can identify her shoes when they are among the shoes of her school friends. My daughter loves it, she felt it was cool and special; I am sure she showed it off to her friends :)

I also like the range of designs they have. Both my children wanted to choose the car design, which is really cute. I tried using a permenant marker on the label which didn't work because the labels are waterproof.

We have an option to put a Found it™ tracking system on the labels so the lost belonging can be returned to the owner. Check out the lovely designs and the variety of packages Oliver's labels offer. Order these labels online or call 1-800-398-2060.

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  1. Are they custom made with the child's name? Good idea.

  2. What an excellent product! Wish I had this back when my kids went to camp :)

  3. These would be great for my Grandson. He is in Daycare and sometimes he takes things back and forth. This is a great way to make sure he gets it back.


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