Fish curry
Pineapple side dish
Potatoes side dish
Pumpkin curry 
Pumpkin soup
Puri fried flatbread
Raita yogurt dip
Red lentil fritters
Restaurant style lamb lollipops
Rice flakes
Roasted pepper hummus
Salad with vidalia onion vinaigrette
Sandwiches with Ivanhoe cheese
Sockeye Salmon Fish Cake
Spinach saute
Spring rolls
Steamed savoury cake 
Steamed vegetables and french onion soup
Sunny side eggs
Tandoori chicken
Tofu stir fried with sauces
Tortillas, watermelon salsa and meat filling for tacos
Turkey ragu meal starter
Turkey saucy one pot meatballs
Turkey Nicoise Salad with Sundried Tomato Dressing
Vegetable fritters
Watermelon salad
Whipped cream dessert cups
White sauce served with steamed vegetables 
Zucchini omelette sandwich

Sweet: cakes, muffins, snack, pudding, jam
Afternoon almond cake
Aloha bread cake
Almond biscotti
Apple pie with puff pastry
Baked chocolate doughnuts
Banana cake
Banana cupcakes
Banana cereal cookies
Banana cereal muffins
Banana pancakes
Banana walnut muffins and Banana cake in a loaf pan
Birthday vanilla cupcakes 
Brownie cake
Brownie roll out flower cookies
Butter cookies
Cake pops
Carrot halwa 
Carrot, coconut, apple muffin
Chocolate Brioche buns
Chocolate cake pirate ship and treasure island
Chocolate banana popsicle 
Chocolate chip butter cookies
Chocolate chip shortbread cookie
Chocolate macaroons
Cinnamon flavoured apples 
Coconut coated chocolate truffles
Cornflake muffin 
Cranberry Nut Chex mix
Cupcakes with buttercream icing
Dessert bars
Dinosaur fondant cake
Easy mix cupcakes with sour cream
Falooda cold drink Ice cream bar
French press coffee
French toast
Fruit salad
Ginger ale soda
Ginger tea
Gingerbread cookies
Ice pops
LEGO cake pops
Mango milkshake
Maple syrup popcorn
Maple syrup puffed rice snack 
Molten chocolate cake
Nutella crepe
Nutella cupcakes
Papaya juice
Peach crumble
Peanut butter cookies
Pineapple Upsdie down cake
Raspberry jam
Raisin bread french toast
Raisin oatmeal muffins
Rice flour abelskiver snack
Rice krispies
Rice noodles 
Rice pudding
Sago coconut milk pudding
Shortbread and Shortbread
S'mores and s'mores we made at camp
Spring rolls rice paper
StarWars BB-8 birthday cake 
Strawberry banana milk bar popsicles
Strawberry banana milkshake 
Strawberry shortcake
Strawberry smoothie
Strawberry streusel cake
Sweet chilli potato wedges 
Sweet flavoured pumpkin seeds
Sweet potato snack
Tiramisu and Tiramisu for celebration
Vanilla infused sugar

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