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May 30, 2023

Design a Productivity Home Workspace

staples canada
A lot of people prefer working at home compared to being in the office. You don't have the distractions of constant meetings or your coworkers chatting, which can make it easier to get things done. But there can also be plenty of distractions at home, and no one watching over you to make sure you're working. The setup of your home office or home workspace can make a big difference if you want to make sure you actually get your work done. By creating the right space, you can be more productive and even give yourself more free time for other things.

February 28, 2015

Quilled Folder Cover

It is fun and easy to dress up a file folder cover with some simple quilling techniques, and Washi tape. This will add a personal touch and brighten up the folder. 
To do this I used...
Washi tape
Construction paper for the background
Quilling tool

February 22, 2015

TaoTronics® Desk Lamps

TaoTronics® Elune Dimmable Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp has seven levels that is operated with a touch slide. The dimming feature in this lamp has memory function, so we can set to the level we prefer the most. The adjustable arm helps with directing light, and the LED does not have dark area or glaring. The lamp emits white light that is perfect for our eyes because it is not overwhelmingly bright.

August 12, 2014

The Fuel Collection For School and Work Lunches

Times have changed since the humble brown bag ruled the lunch room. Many schools have taken the initiative to be eco-friendly and require us to bring a litter-less lunch. This insulated tote bag with adjustable strap is wonderful to carry our lunch in. The quality of food, the variety and portions we take for lunch are more important than just the convenience. Making a meal that is appealing and then putting it in a container that is well designed and multifunctional, will keep our food the way it is supposed to be enjoyed. 

August 7, 2013

Celebrate Snoopy's Birthday with Hallmark

hallmark snoopy
I've always enjoyed watching and reading anything related to Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the crew from Peanuts® when I was growing up and still enjoy them. We had a fabulous time last year when we watched You're a good man, Charlie Brown at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. 

July 23, 2013

Getting Our Back to School Supplies Early

When the time nears for school to start again in September... I prefer to be prepared early, so I don't feel like I am in a rush in the last minute. My family and I avoid the rush by starting our back to school shopping early. Staples has everything we need for our school and office supplies, which makes it easy to find everything we need in one trip. They have a wide selection of services and products making #goingback easy.

July 11, 2013

Making Our Own Pencil and Pen Holders

I love doing crafts with my kids, but sometimes technology can get in the way of having fun and doing our crafts. So I have signed the Michaels unplugged summer pact and made a promise to create time for what's important by taking a couple of hours a day to do crafts with my children. 
We are looking forward to participate in the Michaels Passport to Imagination 7-week summer craft program, whenever we get a chance to go to the store. To start off, we made these pencil and pen holders using recyclable material.  

May 15, 2013

Smart, Sleek Brother Printer that will help our workspace

A survey done by Vision Critical and Brother Canada in April 2013 among a sample of 1000 randomly selected Canadian adults, that work from home has revealed style and appeal to be a top priority for the home office. I agree having a functional, productive, comfortable, stylish workspace environment is important to get the work done.
93% of people in the survey agreed having the right office equipment and technology is an important part of becoming productive.
HGTV host Samantha Plynn has commented that the sleek design of this Business Smart Inkjet all-in-one Brother Printer is stylish and would be perfect for a small modern home office, as it doesn't give up our workspace. I think having this type of printer from the Brother Business Smart Series helps us to get our work done in a productive, professional and efficient manner. 82% of Canadians who did the survey agreed that a printer is an important  piece of equipment to have in the home office.

December 25, 2012

Organizing our cable clutter with @bluelounge CableBox

Bluelounge CableBox is constructed using fire retardant plastic that keeps our cables, wires, surge protectors and power strips hidden inside a beautifully designed lidded box.  This design of the CableBox is a big relief to my family and I, as we don't like to see messy areas in our home.  
As the box slogan says, it keeps our cables "out of sight, out of mind" that is exactly what it does.  
We have decided that the best place for this CableBox in our home is by our entertainment center, where all the wires from the TV, DVD/ Blu-ray, Media PC, XBOX and other entertaining gadgets are protruding to make the whole area look untidy.  Putting all the wires inside and keeping them out of sight has made us feel "relieved".  This box has bought a more "finished look" to this area, which we recently renovated.
The CableBox comes with 10 twist ties so we can keep the cables sorted neatly inside the box.  The box measures 15"x 6" and the height is 5", which is big enough to fit the surge protector, power bar and all the other wires.  
This sleek modern design of the CableBox is available in black and white, which will suit any decor.
The power surge and strips don't need to be unplugged so it stays safe inside the lidded box.  Having the lid protects the cables and power surge from getting dusty.  
As a parent, I feel good that we are using this CableBox to keep our power surge and plugs inside the box, so it doesn't attract our little ones to put their fingers or unplug/plug the wires.
This CableBox would also be appreciated under desks, beside computers as well.  The rubber feet underneath prevent it from slipping so we can leave our connected devices over it.  This neat and tidy CableBox is a fabulous solution to have a clutter free, organized and modern look in the home, office or school.  It is available to purchase online and in all these stores around the world.  
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October 26, 2012

Prestigious Parker Pens

The quality and prestige that comes with Parker pens make it a wonderful, personal, memorable and unique gift for anyone from a teenager to an adult.
Parker pens always burst with lovely contemporary styles and personality.  The pen has the world-renowned Parker logo and the distinctive arrow shaped clip.  The quality and elegance of the IM range of Parker pens are always modern and progressive.  Parker IM is a reliable pen that writes smoothly.  It offers functionality and flair in its stylish stainless steel casing.   

I really like my Parker IM pen that is made in France.  This pen comes with a rollerball refill.  If the ink finishes we can simply replace the refill and hold onto our favourite steel casing.  I like how smooth the casing feels when I hold it.  The luxurious feel of writing with the pen makes me want to write only with this pen :)  I think Parker pens make the person writing with it feel a lot of care for their writing.  Even the most rushed handwriting comes out beautifully with Parker.  

The pens are available in many colours and finishes i.e. Chiseled Chrome or Gunmetal or Premium Etched Matte in black, metallic and pink.  The price ranges from about $18 to $80 depending on the model.  It is available at Staples and other fine writing retailers.  

If you would like to win a Parker pen, enter through the rafflecopter below, giveaway is open to Canadians ends November 10th.
Update: The winner is Olivia
a Rafflecopter giveaway 
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September 11, 2012

Wallpops calendar

wallpops calendar
Do you sometimes feel like you don't remember what is on when, and can't find the date book on time so you forget important things and end up missing it? Well this keeps happening to me, so I am glad I started using Wallpops!

After using these decorative Wallpops, I found it easier to stay organized.  This is an eco-friendly solution compared to the paper calendars.

I found it easy to write it down the important things that were coming up 4 months at a time. I placed it closer to my work area so it was on the wall loud and clear. It looks pretty and efficient.

It was easier for other family members to put down things that might be important for all of us to see so we are all on the same page and won't have conflicting things to attend on the same day, which usually happens :)
wallpops calendar
Zinnia 4 piece calendar set

It is easy to peel and stick the Wallpops vertically on a smooth wall. These decorative calendars do not spoil or damage the wall. Wallpops can easily be removed and replaced in a different place if needed.  Each calendar in this kit is 13"x 13".  It is made in USA.

These 4 calendars come with a dry eraser marker that has a small peel and stick gadget to make it stick on the wall for convenience.  After a few hours, some of the writing done with the marker faintly went off; this didn't bother me too much because the writing was still visible.

As always with life, dates change so having an erasable calendar like this keeps things clean and organized without confusion.  

If you are looking for a fun, functional way to keep yourself and your family stay organized without forgetting important things then take a look at the wide selection of Wallpops, which are available at office supply stores and online.

Wallpops are a wonderful solution to stay organized.  Here is short video of the wall pops.  
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April 17, 2012

Oliver's labels

Like many other parents, I also like to label belongings that I send with my children to school i.e. bag, shoes, lunch box etc... .

These cute waterproof labels from Oliver's label makes the job easier. The original and mini labels are perfect to put on to clean dry smooth surfaces i.e. lunch box and bottles.

Right and left feet shoe label can be placed on the dry insole of the shoes. Stickeez clothing labels are easy to place on clothing without ironing or sewing by sticking it on to the care-tag of the clothes.

The labels are made with strong permanent adhesives, and should only be handled by adults and not by children. Although the labels won't feel strong it will firmly bond to smooth clean surfaces.

I like the ease of using these customed labels. I placed the original and mini labels on my daughter's school belongings i.e. lunch box, water bottle, pencil case, pencil and scissors. The labels were easy to put on all these different surfaces.

My favourite is the shoe label. I was able to put it easily on the insole of my daughter's shoes, so she can identify her shoes when they are among the shoes of her school friends. My daughter loves it, she felt it was cool and special; I am sure she showed it off to her friends :)

I also like the range of designs they have. Both my children wanted to choose the car design, which is really cute. I tried using a permenant marker on the label which didn't work because the labels are waterproof.

We have an option to put a Found it™ tracking system on the labels so the lost belonging can be returned to the owner. Check out the lovely designs and the variety of packages Oliver's labels offer. Order these labels online or call 1-800-398-2060.

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