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August 7, 2013

Celebrate Snoopy's Birthday with Hallmark

hallmark snoopy
I've always enjoyed watching and reading anything related to Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the crew from Peanuts® when I was growing up and still enjoy them. We had a fabulous time last year when we watched You're a good man, Charlie Brown at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. 

March 26, 2013

Spring comes with many occasions to celebrate

Spring is here, with it comes lots of wonderful celebrations...  My daughter bloomed in spring, along side with hyacinths so we totally look forward to spring to celebrate her birthday.  
With upcoming celebrations such as Mother's day, Father's day, achievements like graduations, birthdays, and anniversaries I look for thoughtful things to give my loved ones.  My family and I have been able to rely on Hallmark cards and products to help us make our statements of love to each other.

March 8, 2013

All New digiPlaySpace open starting March Break for a limited time

digiplayspace tiff
digiPlaySpace is back with wonderful new interactive installations just in time for March Break.  Since checking out the adventures at the digiPlaySpace last year almost everything has changed.  There are lots of cool learning opportunities for children of all ages.  I really like the hands-on learning experience at digiPlaySpace and believe it is the best way to explain new technology to our children as well as learn everything about it.  
digiplayspace tiff
The director of Public Programmes, Shane Smith said "All of the installations at digiPlaySpace empower children with skills to learn and thrive in an interactive, internet-enable and mobile media world and to have fun doing it."
The touch, play, control highlights of this year are... 
digiplayspace tiff
Weather Worlds teaches about the eco-system as children learn to explore nature's balance of weather systems and control the elements with their bodies.
Touch Circuits teach children about making music, move robotic arms, and control video games by using their hand movements.
digiplayspace tiff
Please Do Not Feed the Bugs is a virtual eco-system with creepy critters that react in different ways to obstacles such as people and objects.
Body Paint allows us to use our body and paint.
digiplayspace tiff
Cumulo Nimblers is a four player cloud-jumping game.
digiplayspace tiff
Be in the Scene is back by popular demand.  Everyone will love this fun interactive green screen technology.
The Puppet Powered Mega-Pixilation Dream Engine allows children to mix and assemble larger than life puppet parts then turn them into characters.
digiplayspace tiff
The TIFF Appcade has entertaining apps for children of all ages.
digiplayspace tiff
The TIFF Kids Micro Makers' Space is an interactive space that will teach children about electronics, circuits, robotics, 3D printing and video game design. Some of these kits are available for us to purchase online and at the TIFF Shop.  I really like this Makey Makey.
digiplayspace tiff
SMILE Cubes also known as Socially Motivated Immersive Light Environment are light cubes that can be stacked and played with. These cubes also communicate with neighbouring cubes, share colours, respond to music.
digiplayspace tiff
TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace will be having workshops designed for children age 10 to 14 such as the
  • Spy Mystery Workshop on March 23rd at 12pm to learn about code-breaking and wireless communication.
  • Maker/Creator Workshop on March 30th at 12pm teaches about electronics, circuitry and conductivity. 
  • 3D Printing Workshop on April 6th at 12pm will be lots of fun.
Check out the TIFF Kids Indoor digiPlaySpace this March Break at 350 King Street West.  This wonderful, fun, learning opportunity will be open from March 9 to April 21, 2013.

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