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January 22, 2017

Crocheted Mandalas and Little Crochet Gifts

crochet mandala
Crocheted Mandalas by Lynne Rowe has 20 designs we can follow to make mandalas or circle shape designs that can be used as coasters, table mats, or stitched together to make beautiful bedspreads, table runners, scarves, bags, art and more. I like that crocheting mandalas are portable and can be done easily on-the-go. 

November 15, 2016

Shop at Indigo for Holiday Gifts

indigo holiday gifts
I love shopping at Indigo because they have a wide range of items at different price points that would make perfect gifts for everyone on our list. No matter who is on our list, whether it's mom, dad, nieces and nephews, or co-workers - Indigo makes gift giving joyful and easy with gifts for Him and Her, at every age and stage. 

November 14, 2016

Hostess Gifts and Potluck Items at Metro for the Holidays

eclairs metro
With the holiday season nearing, my family and I look for good quality hostess gifts and potluck items we can take to family and friends when we visit them, especially when time is limited to make our own. It is also wonderful to have these items in the fridge during the holidays to quickly prep the table when guests arrive. We hope the list below with the twelve items available at Metro will come in handy for you this holiday season.

November 28, 2015

Win Your Own Kits to Give as Handmade Gifts for the Holidays

It is always special when the gifts we get especially from our children are handmade. This shows how much effort, love, and care they put into making it. My children and I got a chance to use and play with awesome Klutz Kits that provide fun activities for everyone over 8. Since 1977 Klutz creates activity kits that come with all the materials and instructions we need to make fabulous crafts. I think these kits are wonderful for both children and adults alike who enjoy doing crafts or learning how to do crafts. The end products of what we make using the material and inspiration from these kits can be given as gifts to loved ones.

September 26, 2015

The Beautiful Collection at Tiny Devotions

Tiny Devotions, a lifestyle company founded in 2010 has a beautiful collection of trendy jewelry and accessories to help people live peaceful and inspired lives. They turn ancient wisdom into Mala beads, as their meditation necklaces and bracelets are made with crystals and materials such as rudraksha seeds from places like Bali, Indonesia, Nepal, and India that is used for mantra meditation.

May 6, 2014

Give the Gift of Hope by Sharing BeadforLife

Recently, I got to know about a wonderful program called BeadforLife that has grown over the years through women connecting around the world. When we share this story of BeadforLife, or a piece of their unique jewelry or Shea product, it opens a new world of possibilities for women in Uganda who are trying to lift their families out of extreme poverty. The World Bank defines extreme poverty as living on $1.25 or less a day. 

February 6, 2014

Show Your Love with Hallmark Gifts

Expressing love with these specialty gifts from Hallmark is sure to bring lots of smiles to our loved ones. There are lots of choices at Hallmark such as cute plush toys, blooming expression flowers, signature cards and more. I think we should express love everyday and not only on Valentine’s, and think these gifts are appropriate to give throughout the year.

November 20, 2013

Colourful Green Pea Curry and Fabulous Housewarming Gifts From Trudeau

The quality products sold at Trudeau make wonderful, memorable housewarming gifts we can give to our loved ones. Your family and friends who enjoy cooking and entertaining, will like using this professional lifetime warrantied salt mill and pepper mill that is made with German Beechwood. 

November 10, 2013

Hallmark Holiday Celebration and Giveaway

Get ready for the holiday season and celebrate the moments with your family and friends. This year Hallmark is celebrating their 10th anniversary of Snowmen techno plush and 40 years of memories with keepsake ornaments. 
All Disney fans will enjoy giggling, as this cute Totally ticklish Goofy gets tickled and sings "Up on the Housetop." Watch him sing in the video below.

March 26, 2013

Spring comes with many occasions to celebrate

Spring is here, with it comes lots of wonderful celebrations...  My daughter bloomed in spring, along side with hyacinths so we totally look forward to spring to celebrate her birthday.  
With upcoming celebrations such as Mother's day, Father's day, achievements like graduations, birthdays, and anniversaries I look for thoughtful things to give my loved ones.  My family and I have been able to rely on Hallmark cards and products to help us make our statements of love to each other.

November 11, 2012

As the holiday season approaches...giveaways, ideas and things to do

For Girls and Boys
Books from DK (Contest) 
Cinderella II & III Limited time movie collection Construction toys for boys (Giveaway)
Dance Central 3 Xbox Kinect game 
Diary of the Wimpy Kid and Ice Age (Giveaways soon)
LEGODUPLO toys(4 sets Giveaway)
Maplelea girls (Giveaway)
MGA toys prize pack (Giveaway)
Pediped boots
Santa Paws 2 movie
The Odd Life of Timothy Green (movie)

Products for Home and Adults
Netflix (Giveaway)
Parker pens (Giveaway)

For Her
Events happening during the Holidays and places to go 
Disney On Ice: Worlds of Fantasy Dec 21st to 30th at the Rogers Centre
Disney's Phineas and Ferb Live Tour Jan 11th to 13th at the Rogers Centre
Sky Zone Indoor trampoline park for the whole family
Gifts you can make yourself
Personalized treasure box 
Ricotta cookies and Italian cookbook (Giveaway)
Savoury fritters with dal and shrimp 
Tape it & Make it book (2 Giveaways)
There are more giveaways, product reviews, and ideas on things to do and see during this holiday season coming soon... so keep following the site :)
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November 8, 2012

Give a gift that will save lives and brighten many futures

This holiday season we can give gifts that will change lives of many families overseas to break from the cycle of poverty in a tangible way.  We can help these communities in developing countries and support the relief work of World Vision.  There are over 60 gifts we can choose from the World Vision site or call this 1-800-844-7993 number.  These sincere gifts will cheer up our family and friends, while helping those in developing countries to buy essential things needed for their livelihood i.e. food, shelter, healthcare and education.  With every purchase we make, we will get a card saying the difference the gift makes to a grateful family in the developing country.   
We can buy "2 hens and a rooster" as a gift for our family members or friends who enjoy cooking.  This gift will benefit a family trying to come out of poverty with about 150 eggs a year.
We can also choose to give "a goat" to a family member who loves animals.  This purchase will help a family in a developing country to use the goat for milk and manure, which will support their livelihood.
If you are looking to give a fashionable piece of accessory there are three options to choose from.  A Haitian hand-beaded necklace will change the lives of women and children around the world by supporting programs and getting them out of poverty by providing training, loans and skills.
Women and girls who have escaped their village because of exploitation and abuse make this beautiful beaded Turquoise wood bracelet with Thai beads.  The funds from these bracelets help the girls and women to live in safe houses and provide them protection, education and mentoring programs by older girls.
The hand woven embroidered silk scarf is made by women in Thailand.  The funds from our purchase helps support women and their families by providing them with micro loans, training etc.  
We can choose from a variety of gifts such as Mobile phones that support health workers to get a smartphone with access to critical medical information such as tools to check vital signs of illness, pregnancy and essential nutritional counselling 24 hours so they can support their community.  
Last mile mobile solution (LMMS) is a card that families can scan to get aid in an easy dignified manner when they need.  Protect a child from child labour, community savings kits, help supply a classroom, help drill a well for water, clothes, fruit trees, cow, mosquito nets, etc... are other gifts that we can choose from, which will benefit many people in the developing countries.

Lets stand together, open our hearts and help our brothers and sisters around the world!

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