January 22, 2017

Crocheted Mandalas and Little Crochet Gifts

crochet mandala
Crocheted Mandalas by Lynne Rowe has 20 designs we can follow to make mandalas or circle shape designs that can be used as coasters, table mats, or stitched together to make beautiful bedspreads, table runners, scarves, bags, art and more. I like that crocheting mandalas are portable and can be done easily on-the-go. 
crochet mandala design
I like that the repetitive nature of the projects in this book, as it gives a sense of soothing calmness. It would have been better if this book included how we can continue the designs to make the circle patterns larger or a section on how to attach the pieces to make larger projects. The book also misses instructions on how we can make the magic ring that the designs require. I found an easy method to make the magic or adjustable ring in the 100 Little Crochet Gifts To Make book.
crochet adjustable ring
I like that the designs on the Crocheted Mandalas book inspires us to use left over yarn from other projects. This book would be useful for anyone that wants to crotchet unique circle designs. 
crochet gifts book
I have been enjoying crocheting a few projects from the 100 Little Crochet Gifts To Make book, which has a wide variety of themes from beautiful crocheted flowers, beanie hats, lovely hearts and stylish purses from best-selling Search Press authors. The techniques used in this book are simple enough for experienced beginners to master, and easy for more seasoned crocheters. The special stitches used in this book are explained in detail, and yarns are described in generic terms, so that readers can use what is available to them to make beautiful gifts for family and friends. 
crochet gifts book
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  1. This is cute! I have a friend who would love this

  2. I tried learning how to knit and was terrible at it! Im sure I would be equally as bad at crochet! I'm sure these are easy enough to make. Maybe one day I'll give it a try. ;)

  3. These are cute! I know once I start though I'd get addicted lol

  4. Beautiful. With baby #3 here maybe it's time for me to learn to crochet so I can make her something to wear.


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