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November 11, 2012

As the holiday season approaches...giveaways, ideas and things to do

For Girls and Boys
Books from DK (Contest) 
Cinderella II & III Limited time movie collection Construction toys for boys (Giveaway)
Dance Central 3 Xbox Kinect game 
Diary of the Wimpy Kid and Ice Age (Giveaways soon)
LEGODUPLO toys(4 sets Giveaway)
Maplelea girls (Giveaway)
MGA toys prize pack (Giveaway)
Pediped boots
Santa Paws 2 movie
The Odd Life of Timothy Green (movie)

Products for Home and Adults
Netflix (Giveaway)
Parker pens (Giveaway)

For Her
Events happening during the Holidays and places to go 
Disney On Ice: Worlds of Fantasy Dec 21st to 30th at the Rogers Centre
Disney's Phineas and Ferb Live Tour Jan 11th to 13th at the Rogers Centre
Sky Zone Indoor trampoline park for the whole family
Gifts you can make yourself
Personalized treasure box 
Ricotta cookies and Italian cookbook (Giveaway)
Savoury fritters with dal and shrimp 
Tape it & Make it book (2 Giveaways)
There are more giveaways, product reviews, and ideas on things to do and see during this holiday season coming soon... so keep following the site :)
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October 21, 2012

Born to be wild IMAX at the Ontario Science Centre

We enjoyed watching Born to be Wild at the Shopper's Drug Mart OMNIMAX theatre, located inside the Ontario Science Centre.  We liked the IMAX experience, excitement, film and sound effects.  
Born to be Wild is a heartwarming, engaging IMAX film that the whole family will enjoy.  This documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman is about second chances, love and bonds between human and animal dedication.  It documents the story of orphaned orangutans in Borneo and elephants in Kenya, who are cared by extraordinary people who rescue and raise them, so these animals can return to their destined wildlife.  These people try to preserve the physical environment, so the animals can live in their natural habitat.  

Threatens by humans have made these animals become endangered with many baby animals that are orphans.  Elephants are killed for their ivory tusks.  Orangutan's habitats are turned into palm oil plantations, so people can make cheap vegetable oil and bio-fuels.  Once we remind others and ourselves about the innocence of these animals and respect them, nature and its habitants would live in peace.  

Elephants who live for up to 70 years are emotional and only live a long time if they are happy.  Elephants are social animals that live with their families and depend on each other.  Elephants also have a good instinct and know who truly care for them, so they pick their own care people.  The baby elephants were given milk from bottles, they had soccer balls to play with and sunscreen was applied on their ears to prevent sunburn because they don't have their big mothers to provide shade for them.  
Orangutans who live for up to 50 years are independent and survive on their own.  Baby orangutans wearing diapers, listening to lullabies, asking for direction and wanting to ride the motorbike were funny to my little ones and us.  

This film reminds us to love and respect all God's creations.  My children and we liked the parts of the movie that shows how close we relate to these kind animals.  After watching this movie I started to see how similar we are to these animals.  My children were curious to know more about these animals even after the movie.  I really respect the people who work among these wonderful animals and are doing their best to send the animals back to the wild.  
Don't miss this fabulous opportunity to watch this memorable IMAX film Born to be Wild.

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October 12, 2012

Halton County Radial Railway

We had lots of fun riding the rails at the Halton County Radial Railway.  At the Streetcar Museum, we felt as though we were time travelling and enjoyed riding the olden time streetcars and looking at the beautiful fall scenic route. 
The ride is about 20 minutes as the streetcars start at the "Rockwood station", then it goes to the ice cream shop and then to "Meadowvale station".  The museum has put all the details of how it would have been in the past.  The conductors were dressed up.  
We can get off at the stations and enjoy the view or take a walk.  The ticket allows us to go on the streetcars as many time as we want.  
At the Meadowvale station, which is close to the ice cream shop we can enjoy ice cream and snacks.  There is a garden path, a fish pond and a lovely bridge.  The scenery is beautiful to take pictures.  We went when the leaves were changing colour.  
The subways and street cars at the display barn was fun to look and walk through.  
When you visit, you will see how much everything has changed over time including the advertisements that are displayed in the streetcars/subway.  
The museum is located in Milton, Ontario and they are open on the weekend and holidays from 11am to 5pm.  The parking at the museum is free.  
Check out their admission page as they have special rates for families and groups.  We spent about 2 to 2 1/2 hours looking through everything, relaxing and enjoying a picnic there as the weather was beautiful.  Check out their special events here and follow their twitter to know about events that are happening.
Old and New way of operating streetcar/subway
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April 30, 2012

Black creek pioneer village

Black creek is a pioneer village that is operated by the city of Toronto. Children and adults will like walking through history at the Black Creek pioneer village. At this family outing we will get to experience, explore, touch and feel the way early settlers or pioneers lived. It encourages to draw connections between the 1800s and contemporary life. 
There are a variety of activities to do such as Victorian dancing, planting, meeting animals, wagon rides, experiencing the school days in the early days, making cookies, pioneer crafts and lots of galleries.
The people that we see working at the pioneer village do productive work and aren't acting :)  They are friendly and open to answer questions that we have.  They produce crafts from the pioneer time i.e. cloth rugs, metal crafts etc... which are sold at the gift shop for us to purchase.
We went to the village during the March break.  It will re-open from May to December.  If we get the annual membership there are special perks and weekend event at the Black creek throughout the year.
Black creek pioneer village will have open doors Toronto on May 26th and 27th when we can visit the village for free.  In July and August 2012 Monday to Friday children under the age of 15 years can get in for free with a purchase of an adult ticket.
Cooking during the pioneer time 
All in one shop during Pioneer time
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