April 30, 2012

Black creek pioneer village

Black creek is a pioneer village that is operated by the city of Toronto. Children and adults will like walking through history at the Black Creek pioneer village. At this family outing we will get to experience, explore, touch and feel the way early settlers or pioneers lived. It encourages to draw connections between the 1800s and contemporary life. 
There are a variety of activities to do such as Victorian dancing, planting, meeting animals, wagon rides, experiencing the school days in the early days, making cookies, pioneer crafts and lots of galleries.
The people that we see working at the pioneer village do productive work and aren't acting :)  They are friendly and open to answer questions that we have.  They produce crafts from the pioneer time i.e. cloth rugs, metal crafts etc... which are sold at the gift shop for us to purchase.
We went to the village during the March break.  It will re-open from May to December.  If we get the annual membership there are special perks and weekend event at the Black creek throughout the year.
Black creek pioneer village will have open doors Toronto on May 26th and 27th when we can visit the village for free.  In July and August 2012 Monday to Friday children under the age of 15 years can get in for free with a purchase of an adult ticket.
Cooking during the pioneer time 
All in one shop during Pioneer time
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  1. I have been to a place like this and can't remember where it was. I enjoy going to places that actually do the pioneer work and just don't pretend to.

  2. Love this place.........went there last year for the Maple Syrup Festival and once more during Doors Open Toronto.

  3. You do find some of the best places..lucky kids of yours! :)

  4. Oh, I need to go there, I am very interesting in pioneer era.

  5. Beautiful village!!
    Happy 1st May


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