May 1, 2012

Kid basix bottles review and giveaway

Safe sippy 2

Kid Basix has a variety of stainless steel bottles such as the safe sippy, safe sippy 2, safe sporter and safe starter.  It is important that we all choose these environmentally friendly options for us and our children.

Safe sippy 2 is a 2-in-1 sippy and straw cup for children over 6 months of age.  The straws allow the children to drink without tipping.
I like the removable handles on the sippy bottle.  It is comfortable for little hands to hold on to.  As the child grows we can easily remove it, which will make the child feel like a "big kid".  
The bottle comes with a total of three straw adapters.  The sippy valve is cross cut which prevents spills and allows even flow.  Kid Basix has thoughtfully designed the spout in a straw shape, which is good for developing palates.  The straw and adapter converts the sippy cup into a straw bottle.  
This bottle is worth investing in if you have little ones.  The packaging includes clear coloured instructions that give details on how to put back the o-ring spout and straw adapter after washing.
Safe sporter
Safe sporter will be enjoyed by school aged children over 4 years and adults.  It holds 16 oz of water.  The bottle is dishwasher safe and easy to clean because of the wide mouth.  The wide mouth in the bottle allows us to put ice cubes during the summer months.  The soft pull spout is easy to pull up and click back without any struggle, which will not frustrate children.  When the spout is down it doesn't leak.  The grip in the bottle makes it comfortable to hold.  

Kid basix bottles are made with pure non-toxic stainless steel therefore it is not microwavable.  Hot liquid might cause burn so only put cold liquid.  The bottles should not be used for carbonated drinks or pulpy juices.  Wash the bottles with soap and warm water or with vinegar and baking soda, and then dry thoroughly.  
The bodies of the Kid basix bottles are single walled and has non-leaching insulation.   The outer strip provides insulated protection for cold beverages in summer months.  All plastic used on the bottle is Bisphenol A, BPA and phthalates free.  The coaster on the bottom of the bottles protects it and keeps the bottle stable.  Kid basix bottles fit into any cup holder in the car and stroller.
The sleeve protects the bottles if it is dropped, although it might cause dents this will not affect performance.  The dust caps on the bottles keep the spout and area where the children place their mouth clean.  We like the range of colours the bottles come in.  The bottles are available at these retailers in Canada and USA.

"Save the planet for our kids" by using these types of environmentally friendly bottles instead of plastic water bottles.

A Canadian reader can win a Kid basix bottle by leaving a comment on this post please tell which Kid Basix bottle you like?  
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This giveaway ends on the 7th of May.
Update: The giveaway winners are Mona for safe sippy 2 and Asiya for safe sporter.

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  1. I like The Safe Sippy2™ 11oz Purple. Cool product!

  2. I like the Safe sippy 2. (11oz.) in pink :)


  3. What a cool sippy cup! I have been looking for a good one to get Henry with a straw and just haven't found what I was looking for. I like this one!

  4. I like the Safe Sporter...I have a hard time with my son chewing all the straws on his water bottles and I am constantly buying new ones...this looks like it would suit him!

  5. I love the safe sporter, I can give you canada address.

  6. I like the safe sporter in purple

  7. I like the safe sporter . It would be perfect for my 5 year old to take to school. The best part of it is that it has a cover, something that is missing in her current bottle.

  8. I am entering and like the safe sporter model. Followed you on twitter and fb. mrs.shopper at simply shop and save dot ca.


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