April 29, 2012

Marvel the Avengers hero toys and fundraiser

We are excited to watch the up coming Avengers movie.  Hasbro has a wide range of Marvel the Avengers toys for children over the age of 3.  

My son being a superhero fan loves all these toys.  One of his favourite is the tri-power repulsor.  The tri-power repulsor launches little missiles, blasts sounds and has a pulse light when the hand is lifted.  The toy is comfortable to wear.  It attaches to the hand with velcro.  My son wears it to play for a long time without complaining of any discomfort.
Children can pretend like their favourite Avenger hero with the repulsor, smash fists, attack shield, flying shield, thunder clash hammer and brigade blaster depending on their age.

Hasbro has an assortment of hero masks that come with padded eyepieces for comfort.  The masks fits comfortably.  The padding underneath protects children from accidents when they run with this mask on.  It is easy for children to put and remove on their own as just goes over the head.  The soft velcro attaches to the back of the head, which can be adjusted to fit the child's head.  It is also easy to see with the mask on.  

There are lots of collectible figures in different sizes, which will be enjoyed by children and anyone who likes action figures.  Hasbro has 12 unique Earth mightiest heroes figures, which is a series of collectable toys.  The ultra strike Captain America figure is a 10" tall figure that makes sounds when the belt is pressed and the attachable shield flies when the arm is pulled back.

Most toys are battery powered which is included in the toy.  All the toys are for children age 3 and up.

On a separate note:
There will be a Charity fundraiser on May 26th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at John Dryden School (40 Rolling Acres Whitby, Ontario L1R 2A1)
Lunch, games and prizes are included for a cost of $10.  Please attend and support this Sick Kids hospital event.

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  1. Some of those toys are surprisingly cute...I can tell right now that my husband is going to want to see this movie.


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