October 21, 2012

Born to be wild IMAX at the Ontario Science Centre

We enjoyed watching Born to be Wild at the Shopper's Drug Mart OMNIMAX theatre, located inside the Ontario Science Centre.  We liked the IMAX experience, excitement, film and sound effects.  
Born to be Wild is a heartwarming, engaging IMAX film that the whole family will enjoy.  This documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman is about second chances, love and bonds between human and animal dedication.  It documents the story of orphaned orangutans in Borneo and elephants in Kenya, who are cared by extraordinary people who rescue and raise them, so these animals can return to their destined wildlife.  These people try to preserve the physical environment, so the animals can live in their natural habitat.  

Threatens by humans have made these animals become endangered with many baby animals that are orphans.  Elephants are killed for their ivory tusks.  Orangutan's habitats are turned into palm oil plantations, so people can make cheap vegetable oil and bio-fuels.  Once we remind others and ourselves about the innocence of these animals and respect them, nature and its habitants would live in peace.  

Elephants who live for up to 70 years are emotional and only live a long time if they are happy.  Elephants are social animals that live with their families and depend on each other.  Elephants also have a good instinct and know who truly care for them, so they pick their own care people.  The baby elephants were given milk from bottles, they had soccer balls to play with and sunscreen was applied on their ears to prevent sunburn because they don't have their big mothers to provide shade for them.  
Orangutans who live for up to 50 years are independent and survive on their own.  Baby orangutans wearing diapers, listening to lullabies, asking for direction and wanting to ride the motorbike were funny to my little ones and us.  

This film reminds us to love and respect all God's creations.  My children and we liked the parts of the movie that shows how close we relate to these kind animals.  After watching this movie I started to see how similar we are to these animals.  My children were curious to know more about these animals even after the movie.  I really respect the people who work among these wonderful animals and are doing their best to send the animals back to the wild.  
Don't miss this fabulous opportunity to watch this memorable IMAX film Born to be Wild.

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  1. I have never been to an imax movie before...sounds like a great film

  2. Very sad, I don't understand how some people have such disregard for other living creatures.

  3. Very interesting about elephants & their emotions playing a part in their life span. Sounds like a great movie!

  4. Wish I could go. Tas and I both have issues with the big big screens of Omnimax. However sounds like a great film and I'll be looking for it playing normally to watch (if they do it).

  5. it's been a while since i've seen an IMAX film, but we are trying to hit the science centre with the boys before the end of the year

  6. I've only been to an IMAX film once, it is an awesome experience. We must make a point of taking the kids again this Fall/Winter.

  7. Sounds like a great film! I've never been to an IMAX film before I don't think but have always wanted to experience it :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. This looks amazing! I will have to make sure we take time to see this film! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks for sharing. My husband loves IMAX too.

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  10. This does sound like a great watch,thanks for sharing !


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