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November 13, 2013

Win This Inspiring InstaCraft Book

InstaCraft is a colourful book that offers 50 fun and simple projects for adorable gifts, decor, and more. It is always nice to see a book that is full of inspiration. The crafts are very simple and would be wonderful for young children that have an interest in doing crafts.

November 10, 2013

Hallmark Holiday Celebration and Giveaway

Get ready for the holiday season and celebrate the moments with your family and friends. This year Hallmark is celebrating their 10th anniversary of Snowmen techno plush and 40 years of memories with keepsake ornaments. 
All Disney fans will enjoy giggling, as this cute Totally ticklish Goofy gets tickled and sings "Up on the Housetop." Watch him sing in the video below.

October 20, 2013

Win This Awesome Squashed Game And Squash Your Opponents

Squash your opponents right out of the game with this 3D game that adds a whole new dimension to board games. It is lots of fun trying to squash the pawns of your opponent and making a choice to loose some of your own pawns during this process. 

October 19, 2013

Better Way to Clean: Win Your Own Rubbermaid Power Scrubber

Whether it is cleaning the kitchen floor or the bathroom, cleaning takes time and effort. Rubbermaid Power Scrubber cleans up to 2x faster than manual scrubbing with its battery operated, oscillation head that scrubs 60 times per second. 

October 17, 2013

Win Trendy Clothing From Pinkblush

PinkBlush Maternity is dedicated to sell cute, trendy maternity clothes at low and affordable prices. They pride on having a selection of unique maternity styles at great prices. Since PinkBlush Maternity is exclusively sold on the Internet, they are able to maintain low operating costs and pass those savings to us by offering prices 15% to 30% off many of their competitors. They also change their inventory often, so we can access the new trends.

October 10, 2013

Are You In A Gumergency? Then You Will Want To Win This Kit

Excel has coined the term and brought awareness to the Gumergency – the desperate need for gum because of bad breath. Excel conducted a playful survey, inquiring how Canadians deal with bad breath situations, the odd times they've chewed gum (while sky diving) and even styles of gum chewing – are you a chomper or a quick chew artist?

October 1, 2013

Win a Copy of The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition

We were thrilled to be part of Canada's Private Red Carpet Screening of the Little Mermaid event at TIFF Bell Lightbox the past weekend. My daughter got to dress up as a little mermaid along with the other little mermaids and be part of fabulous fun activities that were planed for the afternoon. 

August 11, 2013

Buy ivivva Clothing For Active Girls With This Giveaway

ivivva is Lululemon’s sister store that provides dance-inspired, cross-functional athletic apparel for girls age 4 to 14. The official arrival of ivivva is just in time for girls to get back into action with clothes designed for serious movement. The colourful clothing designed for active girls uses the same signature fabrics and design features as Lululemon.

July 27, 2013

Upcoming Movies from Shout Factory

My Little Pony Equestria Girls comes to DVD and Blu-ray on August 6th. This movie from Shout Factory Kids in collaboration with Hasbro Studios will delight My Little Pony fans. We can pre-order the movie from or

July 24, 2013

Giant Giveaway From Green Giant

Sharing giant good news is always relieving isn't it? :) When I have big news to tell, it is quite hard for me to keep it to myself until I tell someone about it. Just like me, Green Giant is also excited about their two brand-new Green Giant Chips. We are glad we got to taste these healthy chips that make a perfect snack for anytime we are craving something to munch on.

July 23, 2013

Win 1 of 2 Huawei Smartphones Before School Starts

These Huawei smartphones are perfect starter phones for kids and adults who are looking for their first smartphone and don’t want to be locked-in to two or three year contracts. These Huawei smartphones priced at $80 help graduate to an Android smartphone with all the apps and features. I am glad I will be hosting a giveaway so you can win one of the phones before school starts.

July 22, 2013

Win these New LunchBlox Kids Lunch Kits

We have been packing our work and school lunches using the LunchBlox for more than a year. We really enjoy using this lunch-portioned containers that snap to a Blue Ice™ chill pack that keep foods cool and fresh all day without refrigeration. During winter we don't use the Blue Ice™ chill pack, but when the weather gets warmer it is very useful.

July 20, 2013

Win Dragons: Riders of Berk Volumes 1 & 2 DVDs

Dragons: Riders of Berk Volumes 1 & 2 are coming to DVD on July 23rd. This two-volume DVD follows the same characters in the town of Berk from the wonderful film How to Train Your Dragon. My children enjoyed watching the episodes on each of the DVDs. Disc one has 1-11 episodes and disc two has 12-20, so they can watch a few episodes each time. 

July 17, 2013

Your Chance to Taste the Delicious South St. Burgers

We enjoyed eating the veggie burgers with different toppings at South St. Burger Co. The soy based veggie burger tasted flavourful, so we didn't miss the meat in our burgers :) I like that we can custom make our burger with any amount of toppings we like. 

July 10, 2013

Our Summer Getaway With Santa and Your Chance to Win 4 tickets to Visit Santa

Santa's Village built in 1955 is the oldest and largest family entertainment park located in Bracebridge, Muskoka. They offer lots of fun adventures for the whole family, so we can easily spend a day or two :) enjoying the activities they offer at the park. The cheery, scenic atmosphere will for sure put a smile on our face and allow us to make wonderful memories. 
We got to enjoy the park in rain and shine :) If it rains when you are there and you don't want to stick around then they will give you a free pass to use the next day.

May 30, 2013

Making Old Things New: Up-cycling shoes

Giving a new look to my old belonging is something I enjoy doing. I have done many projects such as recycling containers to make other crafts, giving old chairs a new look with fabric, using fabric to make yarn and many more. 
Up-cycling these comfy pair of old shoes with fabric is my recent project. 

May 25, 2013

Win 1 of 2 Photo and Graphic Designer Software and Get Creative

Since 1981 Xara, one of UK's oldest software developers have made computer programs that allow us to become creative. They have wonderful programs for us to do  such as drawings, illustration, web design and more. They have developed award winning programs such as the world's first check-as-you type spell checker, drawing software that provide real-time anti-aliasing and transparency control and much more. Xara software now operates under MAGIX, and provide high-quality innovative software, online services and digital contests for multimedia communications. 

May 23, 2013

We Had a Wild Day at #AfricanLionSafari + a chance for you to Win tickets and take your family

My family and I love going to the African Lion Safari located in Cambridge, Ontario. We think this is one of the best attractions in Ontario. I have been to African Lion Safari over a half-dozen times since I was little and enjoy it each time. I am thankful that we have always been able to make wonderful memories each time we watch the shows and visit the 9km of Safari trail. 

May 11, 2013

Win a copy of the Canadian Gardener's Guide

We were eagerly waiting to do gardening and thank God the weather in Toronto has become suitable for it :) The past few weeks we've been gardening, cleaning up, planning on what to plant, putting down some seeds, and basically getting ready for the season. 
You've probably seen my posts about the importance of using the correct gardening toolsequipment, having the right soil, and other posts about plantingI am a self-taught gardener, and get helpful information and knowledge by reading gardening books before I start my projects. 

May 10, 2013

Win a ROKU 2 and 1 Year Subscription for Netflix

Subscription to Netflix is a perfect year long gift for anyone that enjoys watching movies and TV shows. Netflix wants to help families celebrate moms with a great list of family and mom-themed titles. I watched and enjoyed these movie titles, and would like to recommend these for you as well.