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April 27, 2016

Glass Paint Container

glass paint decor container
I chose is hexagon shaped glass for this project, so it took me a few days to complete it. I had to wait for each side to dry, to avoid the paint from running off. I like how the design and the colours turned out. 

May 25, 2013

Win 1 of 2 Photo and Graphic Designer Software and Get Creative

Since 1981 Xara, one of UK's oldest software developers have made computer programs that allow us to become creative. They have wonderful programs for us to do  such as drawings, illustration, web design and more. They have developed award winning programs such as the world's first check-as-you type spell checker, drawing software that provide real-time anti-aliasing and transparency control and much more. Xara software now operates under MAGIX, and provide high-quality innovative software, online services and digital contests for multimedia communications. 

January 4, 2013

Instant makeover using StickerBrand Wall Decals

StickerBrand Wall Decal
The walls in our basement living room and entertaining area was bare and needed something to brighten it.  I couldn't think of a solution for it until I saw the wonderful designs of StickerBrand Wall Decals.
StickerBrand Wall Decal
The gallery and ideas in their site helped me to pick this Swirl flower floral design, as I thought this design would be suitable for our area.  We can customize the StickerBrand measurements and colour to our preference.  I chose 38" tall x 125" wide design in black as our walls are painted white.

I found the ordering process simple and clear.  It was easy to navigate the site and choose, especially because there are pictures of how the design looks in an area.
StickerBrand Wall Decal
The vinyl wall decals are removable, but it cannot be re-positioned so plan before placing it.  We placed the decal with the backing sheet using tape to see how and where we want the design before peeling and sticking it.
StickerBrand Wall Decal
Even though the decal I chose is a big design, it was easy to work with as it came in workable small sections.  Each section was labeled so there was no confusion on how the design looks.  The decal also came with a sheet that suggested how to place the design, but we could paste it however we see fit.  I placed the design differently than the suggested way.

StickerBrand suggests that we wait for at least 2 weeks prior to placing the decal on freshly painted walls, as there may be invisible air pockets that may prevent the decals from sticking.
StickerBrand Wall Decal
  1. Before starting the project the walls must be dust free. To help the peeling process we kept the design with the peel facing down and rubbed the pattern using a credit card.  
  2. Then we placed the design on the space we wanted and slowly peeled it while making sure the design was sticking on our wooden panel walls.  
  3. We rubbed some small spots gently using our fingers so it pasted well.  We didn't need glue or other chemicals to place it.
StickerBrand Wall Decal
The variety of StickerBrand decals can be applied to most flat surfaces, slightly textured walls, windows, mirrors, tiles, bathroom walls or any smooth surface including our vehicles.  If a regular sticker sticks then StickerBrand products will stick.  The decals are supposed to work well on matt-finish or semi-gloss wall paint.
StickerBrand Wall Decal
StickerBrand adds new designs weekly and is sold online, so we can order from anywhere in the world.  After the wall decal was placed the whole area was instantly changed.  Now the space looks lively and the decals give it an artistic flair.  Family and friends that came over said how beautiful and bright the walls look.  I too like looking up at the wall and admiring it :) 

We can ask for our own image or design to be customized to a wall decal.  StickerBrand also has printed graphic decals and wall murals that can be removed and repositioned unlike the vinyl wall decal I have used. StickerBrand products are wonderful in any home or office, and it is easy to be placed by anyone.

When we sign up for their Free VIP membership we get an instant 15% coupon that can be used within 30 days to purchase any of their 2500+ wall decals.    

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