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April 27, 2016

Glass Paint Container

glass paint decor container
I chose is hexagon shaped glass for this project, so it took me a few days to complete it. I had to wait for each side to dry, to avoid the paint from running off. I like how the design and the colours turned out. 

September 22, 2015

Stained Glass Art

I had lots of fun using glass stain on its own to repurpose a bottle and decorate it to use as a vase. However, I really found the beauty of glass stain only after I used it with the Glass Stain Leading. I used the black Glass Stain Leading to outline the designs and create custom, ornate, stained glass art. It was easy to use the leading similar to a pen because of its tip, so I had fun doing the design on each side of this somewhat square glass container that I bought. The different coloured glass stain I used really shows through this thick glass once it is filled within the leading, and is confined to each section. I love how the project turned out. I am looking forward to do more glass stain projects using both glass and clear plastic.