September 22, 2015

Stained Glass Art

I had lots of fun using glass stain on its own to repurpose a bottle and decorate it to use as a vase. However, I really found the beauty of glass stain only after I used it with the Glass Stain Leading. I used the black Glass Stain Leading to outline the designs and create custom, ornate, stained glass art. It was easy to use the leading similar to a pen because of its tip, so I had fun doing the design on each side of this somewhat square glass container that I bought. The different coloured glass stain I used really shows through this thick glass once it is filled within the leading, and is confined to each section. I love how the project turned out. I am looking forward to do more glass stain projects using both glass and clear plastic.

I like how the colours light up, and show the design depending on the light especially when I place a candle inside the glass container. 
For this project I used
Glass vase
Black Glass Stain Leading
DecoArt Glass Stains in different colours such as White, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Purple, and Aqua

Clean the glass and make sure it is free of dust. Use the black glass leading to draw the outlines, and allow it to dry for a few hours. The leading will harden and it has to be completely dry before glass stain is put.  

After the glass leading dries, fill each section with different coloured glass stain. Before turning to the different sections make sure it is dry.  
You can use a toothpick or pin to pop any air bubbles, and spread the glass stain to fill the sections. 
Allow the project to dry well. I did this over a few days giving enough time for each side to dry, especially the leading and then each colour.
It is beautiful when a candle is lit, and the light shines through the different colours. This decorated glass stain container will make a wonderful home decor item to keep as a table placement. This project is fun for children and adults.

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  1. Wow, a good way to re-use something old!

  2. Oh.. This is so cute.. I have done similar on jars just for fun. They make a cute tea light holders.


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