September 24, 2015

Art of Handwriting and Creative Lettering

Penmanship is in peril. In today’s electronics-driven world, the emphasis on handwriting is not a priority, especially for school-aged children. Despite the allure of electronics, experts agree handwriting is critical to a child’s education and development. "Handwriting plays a role in helping children build confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills," says Pam Allyn, a literacy advocate, education expert and author and founder of LitWorld, a global organization that advocates for children’s rights as readers, writers and learners. "Writing is an important vehicle for communication because it distinguishes us and promotes individuality. The evidence shows that writing helps kids become better readers, improves school performance and helps develop idea composition, expression, and fine-motor skills."
With school back in session, BIC - a leading manufacturer of writing, marking and correction products is rallying Canadians to join the Fight For Your Write movement to encourage Canadian families to save handwriting for future generations. The campaign includes a pledge, along with strategies and tips for making handwriting fun for developing minds. Everyone is invited to pledge their commitment to handwriting at

60% of learning in school happens before lunch making breakfast food, brain food. That’s why BIC Fight For Your Write is also partnering with Breakfast Club of Canada and donating $10,000 directly to the organization and giving an additional $10,000 (retail value) of stationery supplies to Canadian schools in need.
Pam Allyn says, "reading is like breathing in and writing is like breathing out – children need both to be successful," and adds that it is important to make writing fun for kids. Here are five tips to get them eager to put pen (or pencil) to paper:
  1. Set aside specific times during the week for writing stories, songs or even jokes. Let your kids use their imaginations.
  2. Have an assortment of colourful pens and pencils on hand that will make kids want to spend more time writing.
  3. Make writing special for kids with their own personal table, desk, or designated area. Get them excited about their own writing space!
  4. Give kids a fun assignment that requires them to write. Make a birthday wish list or write a letter to someone famous.
  5. Make up games around writing. Practice signing their autograph to give to mom or dad.
Sometimes the perfect writing instrument can make all the difference in a child’s creativity and drive to succeed. BIC has a range of products that help make writing fun whether the topic is Math, English or Art. Some popular choices for the upcoming school year include: BIC Atlantis® Original Ball Pen, BIC® Extra-Fun™ Pencil, BIC® 4-Color™ Ball Pen, BIC® Extra-Craze™ Mechanical Pencil, BIC® Velocity® Gel Pen, BIC® Briteliner® Highlighters and BIC Kids™ Mechanical Pencil.
I find having books such as the Creative Lettering, and More Creative Lettering by Jenny Doh gives children the inspiration to try their hand at letter writing. These books have techniques and tips from top artists that are fun to look through and try to imitate for different project or just for fun. These books give children and adults alike the confidence they need to know that anybody can do write and design! The books explain all the basics, the anatomy of a letter, different syles of fonts, materials and supplies we can use for handwriting and creative lettering, with project ideas.
I first used a steel pointed nib at the Hallmark Calligraphy Workshop to celebrate the art of hand written notes, and it was lots of fun learning how to use the pen, and dip it with ink to create beautiful writting. After learning how to use the pen properly, calligraphy has become even more fun for me. 
I love using the Belle Calligraphy kit that comes with everything we need to practice and start modern scripts. The Vellum Sheets included in the kit helps us practice without being discouraged because not all paper is suitable for sumi ink and a pointed pen. I love the feel of writing with this wooden straight pen. 
There is a lined guide sheet that we can place under translucent paper and practice. I found the exemplar with the numbering to be helpful when trying to form my letters. The kit shows how to hold the pen correctly such as holding it relaxed with a natural grip as close to the nib as possible. The kit has sticker labels with adhesive backing so we can make our packages and gifts special. To encourage children to the art of calligraphy, this Belle Calligraphy kit with materials and instructions would make a beautiful gift item.
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