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October 23, 2015

Hand-Lettering for Everyone

I recently wrote about the importance of handwriting, which is slowly disappearing in this tech driven world. Since penmenship is no longer taught in schools, I think as parents we need to find ways to encourage our children to see the benefits of handwriting by creating opportunities for them and getting the correct resources and inspiration.

September 24, 2015

Art of Handwriting and Creative Lettering

Penmanship is in peril. In today’s electronics-driven world, the emphasis on handwriting is not a priority, especially for school-aged children. Despite the allure of electronics, experts agree handwriting is critical to a child’s education and development. "Handwriting plays a role in helping children build confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills," says Pam Allyn, a literacy advocate, education expert and author and founder of LitWorld, a global organization that advocates for children’s rights as readers, writers and learners. "Writing is an important vehicle for communication because it distinguishes us and promotes individuality. The evidence shows that writing helps kids become better readers, improves school performance and helps develop idea composition, expression, and fine-motor skills."