October 23, 2015

Hand-Lettering for Everyone

I recently wrote about the importance of handwriting, which is slowly disappearing in this tech driven world. Since penmenship is no longer taught in schools, I think as parents we need to find ways to encourage our children to see the benefits of handwriting by creating opportunities for them and getting the correct resources and inspiration.

The Hand-Lettering for Everyone A Creative Workbook by Cristina Vanko is a book that encourages adults and children by giving ideas on how to practice their writing. The book has fun activities that children can do such as drawing logos, using geometric shapes to create letters, using senses to create writing, and many more. 

This book has information about the history and trends of typography, step-by-step guidance on finding what lettering works for us, an exploration of a variety of lettering styles, tricks and encouragement to explore ways to make our writings unique, as well as tips from illustrators. 
This book is a reminder why hand-lettering has now become a popular pastime, as it not only helps with expression, but also with brain stimulation and motor skill development.

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