May 30, 2013

Making Old Things New: Up-cycling shoes

Giving a new look to my old belonging is something I enjoy doing. I have done many projects such as recycling containers to make other crafts, giving old chairs a new look with fabric, using fabric to make yarn and many more. 
Up-cycling these comfy pair of old shoes with fabric is my recent project. 
For this I needed...
utility or craft knife
mod podge
3 dimensional magic mod podge
paper and tape

I made a rough sketch using paper and tape over the shoes to see how I can cut the fabric. Then I kept the sketch over the fabric and cut the fabric a little bigger to place it on the shoes. I put a thick coat of mod podge and glued the fabric on to the shoes. 
Shoes with just mod podge
Smoothen the surface so there are no fabric wrinkles left on the shoes. When the glue dries a little, remove the excess cloth using a craft knife. I put a layer of mod podge over the fabric and kept the shoes to dry completely before decorating it with gold 3 dimensional magic mod podge.
The first 25 readers who sign up will get a box of Honey Nut Cheerios Hearty Oat Crunch cereal sent to the address they provide on the form. Please leave a comment on this post and let me know you have filled the form and share an up-cycle tip. 

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  1. SO Cute!! Love how you upcycled those shoes! They look adorable! How creative :) The new cereal looks tasty the new spin on the original honey nut cereal :)

  2. I filled out the form! An upcylce tip is, I always re-use butter tubs and ice cream tubs for storing things,,cookies,,crayons,toys,elastic bands,change,, list goes on..

  3. Filled out form, thanks! Love your shoes - I upcycle by modge podging scrapbook paper to boring cardboard boxes - looks great and makes my hidden clutter stylish!

  4. Loved your redone shoes! I'd buy them! :)
    Also filled out your form.

  5. Filled out the form! I reuse all my plastic tubs for freezer meals, storage etc. My son loves to play with them

  6. I didn't get the heary honey nut cheerios.I hope I get the coupons because I didn't get re-directed either.Thanks though anyway.I love them.

  7. Filled out the form ,. Thank you so much! BTW love the shoes!

    (Tammy Dalley)

  8. My granddaughter would enjoy doing this.

  9. This is a very cute idea The shoes are very nice


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