May 29, 2013

Watching The Skies As It Is Almost Time For Us To Fly

My husband is a space enthusiast and love talking about stars, space shuttles, airplanes, and even about aliens (star wars) :) His enthusiasm towards these have obviously rubbed off to our children, so they were excited to watch flights landing and taking off for a long time.

Check out this video we took of the Airbus A380 Super Jumbo landing at Toronto Pearson International Airport. We will be travelling in this big bird soon :)
When I was little, I remember going with my parents and brothers to the airport just for the fun of watching planes land and take off. We wanted to make sure our children too get the excitement for travelling from a young age, so we encourage their curiosity by doing family activities like this. 
I think it is fun to travel with children because of the privileges that come with travelling with little ones i.e. getting into the plane to take our seats first and more :) Watching all the different flights gets us excited about our upcoming summer trip to Asia.
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  1. Lucky you.......I'm dying to go on a vacation to India. Have fun and keep us posted about your trip.

    1. Thank you Sadaf, yes I will it is in August :) Inshallah

  2. My little guys love to watch the planes take off and land. I can't wait to take them on their first flight!

  3. I cant imagine taking my kids on a plane, would be an adventure for sure!

  4. Good job on the video. I love flying just don't like all the delays. Have a fun vacation

    Florence c

  5. Nice video! I will have to take my children to our local airport sometime to watch the planes land. Have a great vacation in August!

  6. Love the video , I seriously hate flying!! lol We to the airport alot with the kids to watch the planes land, they love it

    Tammy Dalley

  7. My kids love planes, they would love to do something like this!


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