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April 4, 2016

TIFF Kids International Film Festival

19th year of TIFF Kids International Film Festival will be happening from April 8 to 24 at TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto. TIFF Kids is one of the largest children's film festivals in the world that feature films and collections of short films from both Canadian and international filmmakers.

April 8, 2015

TIFF Kids International Film Festival from April 7 to 19

TIFF Kids International Film Festival will be happening from April 7 to 19th. Now in its 18th year, the TIFF Kids International Film Festival has become one of the most important film festivals in the world with special programming and activities for children aged 3 through 13. I got to preview some fabulous short films and features. We totally enjoyed the La gang des hors-la-loi (The Outlaw League) and recommend everyone to watch this funny movie. The 2015 TIFF Kids Festival features a total of 126 films, comprising 25 features and 101 shorts hailing from 36 countries, including Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, France, India, Russia, and many more.

April 9, 2014

TIFF Kids International Film Festival

The TIFF Kids Festival is into its 17th year in Toronto, and is the only children's film festival in Toronto. This year there are more than 110 films from 31 countries screening, it is a great opportunity for children to enjoy fantastic cinema from all over the world, much of which they would likely never have the chance to see otherwise.

April 3, 2013

Time to think of Summer Camps

It is time to think of Summer Camps already, especially if you want to get a spot. TIFF Summer Day Camp sessions are geared towards children ages 8 to 16.  
The variety of camp sessions at Tiff Bell Lightbox promote creative thinking, filmmaking, teamwork and technical expertise.

April 2, 2013

3D animated TIFF Kids Opening Night Film: The Legend of Sarila (La légende de Sarila)

The Legend of Sarila (La légende de Sarila) by Nancy Florence Savard is an 82 minutes Canadian film inspired by various Inuit legends that explore the themes of friendship, hope, perseverance and self acceptance. This animated 3D movie is wonderful to watch for anyone over 8 years. The movie shows that life can be harsh and challenging for people who live on the Arctic tundra and how important the animals in the tundra are for their survival.

March 28, 2013

There is a Drastic Need For Empathy In All of Us

Poverty is a sad reality.  This truth makes my heart break because I can't eliminate it as an individual.  I think it is possible at least in some level if all the governments in the world collaborate and help each other without any expectations to get anything back in return.  We all know that this problem of poverty impacts billions of people around the world.  There are many people living under the poverty line even in developed North American countries because of circumstances.

Exposing our children to know this truth at a young age is important so they learn to appreciate the things they have and sometimes take for granted; it is also a good reminder for us as well.  TIFF Kids Film Festival from April 9th to 21st will have films and features such as Children of Kabul that I think we should take our children to watch.  

March 11, 2013

TIFF Kids International Film Festival 2013

tiff kids
This year will be the 16th annual TIFF Kids International Film Festival.  TIFF Kids 2013 features 117 films, 29 Features and 88 Shorts that represents 40 countries. 

There will be films like A Turtle’s Tale 2: Sammy’s Escape From Paradise (Belgium), Believe (UK), Buta (Azerbaijani), Cinnamon (Mexico), Elmo’s Alphabet Challenge (USA), Miffy the Movie (The Netherlands), Once in a Lullaby (USA), Rafiki (Norway), The Pee-Wee 3D: The Winter, That Changed My Life (Canada) and Waves (India) just to name a few.
The 13 short film programs will run between 50-90 minutes that cover a myriad of subjects and themes for children and youth aged 3 to 13.  Some of the titles are The Adventures of Pim & Pom: Safari, To Give a Present, Jungle Beat: Tiny Bubbles, Her Rain, Room on the Broom, My little Chicken, The Red Carpet, Children of Kabul and more.
Highlights of special events
  • This year at the TIFF Kids Award ceremony will be on April 21st at 3:15pm.  There will be two brand new annual awards in the categories Best Live-Action Film and Best Animated Short Film. These two awards will be in addition to the TIFF Kids Jury Awards, TIFF Kids Audience Choice Awards, the Jump Cuts Awards and TVO Kids Choice Awards. 
  • The festival lights up screens and imaginations with the best of children’s cinema from around the world. 
  • Dino Dan-The Adventures of Trek will be on April 13th at 12:30pm. The premiere will be followed by Q&A with the Trek and Director. 
  • The Monkey Bunch Live at TIFF Kids on April 14th at 3:30pm will have kids dancing, rushing the stage and going bananas. This will also end an educational message about the environment. 
  • Wild Kratts: Rattlesnake Crystal on April 14th at 10:30am and April 21st at 11:15am. 
  • The Festivals opening night film will be The Legend of Sarila (La legende de Sarila) is the first 3D Canadian animated feature.  This adventure is inspired by various Inuit legends and features the voice of Oscar-winning Christopher Plummer.  This film explores the themes of friendship, hope, perseverance and self acceptance.  Before the screening on April 12th at 5:30pm there will be free pizza, snow cones and lots of fun activities.
  • We are excited that for the first time ever, Sesame Street will be coming to TIFF Bell Lightbox. During the weekend of April 20-21 there will be fun activities and a chance to meet and greet Sesame Street mascots. 
  • This year’s closing night film on April 20th is the German film Famous Five 2 (Funf Freunde 2), which is an adaptation of the Enid Blyton classic.  This is the sequel to last year’s TIFF Kids Audience Award winner Famous Five.  
Hope you guys will be able to take your children and family to enjoy these fabulous events as well as check out the digiPlaySpace.

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March 8, 2013

All New digiPlaySpace open starting March Break for a limited time

digiplayspace tiff
digiPlaySpace is back with wonderful new interactive installations just in time for March Break.  Since checking out the adventures at the digiPlaySpace last year almost everything has changed.  There are lots of cool learning opportunities for children of all ages.  I really like the hands-on learning experience at digiPlaySpace and believe it is the best way to explain new technology to our children as well as learn everything about it.  
digiplayspace tiff
The director of Public Programmes, Shane Smith said "All of the installations at digiPlaySpace empower children with skills to learn and thrive in an interactive, internet-enable and mobile media world and to have fun doing it."
The touch, play, control highlights of this year are... 
digiplayspace tiff
Weather Worlds teaches about the eco-system as children learn to explore nature's balance of weather systems and control the elements with their bodies.
Touch Circuits teach children about making music, move robotic arms, and control video games by using their hand movements.
digiplayspace tiff
Please Do Not Feed the Bugs is a virtual eco-system with creepy critters that react in different ways to obstacles such as people and objects.
Body Paint allows us to use our body and paint.
digiplayspace tiff
Cumulo Nimblers is a four player cloud-jumping game.
digiplayspace tiff
Be in the Scene is back by popular demand.  Everyone will love this fun interactive green screen technology.
The Puppet Powered Mega-Pixilation Dream Engine allows children to mix and assemble larger than life puppet parts then turn them into characters.
digiplayspace tiff
The TIFF Appcade has entertaining apps for children of all ages.
digiplayspace tiff
The TIFF Kids Micro Makers' Space is an interactive space that will teach children about electronics, circuits, robotics, 3D printing and video game design. Some of these kits are available for us to purchase online and at the TIFF Shop.  I really like this Makey Makey.
digiplayspace tiff
SMILE Cubes also known as Socially Motivated Immersive Light Environment are light cubes that can be stacked and played with. These cubes also communicate with neighbouring cubes, share colours, respond to music.
digiplayspace tiff
TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace will be having workshops designed for children age 10 to 14 such as the
  • Spy Mystery Workshop on March 23rd at 12pm to learn about code-breaking and wireless communication.
  • Maker/Creator Workshop on March 30th at 12pm teaches about electronics, circuitry and conductivity. 
  • 3D Printing Workshop on April 6th at 12pm will be lots of fun.
Check out the TIFF Kids Indoor digiPlaySpace this March Break at 350 King Street West.  This wonderful, fun, learning opportunity will be open from March 9 to April 21, 2013.

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April 13, 2012

TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace

TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace
TIFF Kids International Film Festival is a fabulous experience targeted for children age 3 to 13, although I think everyone will love this.
This year TIFF is introducing a hands-on experience with their new digiPlaySpace, where children and adults can immerse themselves to learn and love new technology.
TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace
We spent a fabulous time going through all the cool stations at the digiPlaySpace. It is a wonderful learning opportunity; a good place for families, camps and schools to take children. We will learn new media skills that are playful and interactive, which will encourage creativity.

A little bit of information on some installations:

My children had lots of fun exploring the Vinci tablets. The sturdy handle makes it easy for young children to hold. As parents, we don't have to worry about accidental drops to the tablet. The tablet has a camera and easy to use touch screen and buttons, loaded with storybooks and fun activities.
TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace
The Funky Forest is a beautiful display with colourful images. Children learn about the eco-system as they create images of trees with their body, play with the moving virtual water flow and try to touch the bugs and butterflies on the screen.

Adventures in sound, by Aesthetec studio is pretty cool. We have to sing/talk into the can, record our voice and then use the light brush to make unique colourful canvas paint. It is unique because the colour and texture depends on the pitch of the voice.

Sandde 3D drawing is a lovely way to experience 3D drawing and have a feel for how 3D movies are made. There is no need for pencil and paper as children use a device to draw in the air and see designs floating through their 3D glasses. I took the Sandde image on the picture below through the 3D glasses.

The green screen will take us to so many places and experience through a virtual world. It will teach how images for movie animation scenes are made.
TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace
There are magic mirrors that will make our image twist, turn and blend.

Room racers up to 4 virtual cars can go around any item we find. We can make our own racetrack by placing real life objects and create obstacles for the cars to drive around. These obstacles can be changed while the race is on to trap the cars. The augmented reality race car game is operated with video game controllers.
TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace
TIFF Kids Appcade has lots of educational apps to play with using the new tablets and mobile devices.

Micro-Makers zone is in a separate room. In this station we can explore and learn how robots are made, 3D prints where we can see our 3D models come to life and change real objects to 3D models through 3D scanning.
They had some cool solar powered toys that moved with flashlights.
There were hands-on sections to learn about creative circuitry to make small projects. This area has small parts which are not suitable for young children. Children over the age of 9 and up will benefit from this section.
TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace
We like that everything at the digiPlaySpace is made sturdy and strong keeping children's use in mind, so we can play without worrying about things breaking or damaging. The staff at TIFF was friendly and helpful in answering questions. There are fabulous movies at the TIFF Film Festival until April 22nd. The Summer Camps sessions at TIFF is held from July 3rd to August 31st for campers aged 8 to 17.

digiPlaySpace is located at TIFF Bell Lightbox on 350 King street West, do check out this benefiting experience learn and have fun.

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