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July 29, 2022

Our Camping Adventure at Earl Rowe Provincial Park

earl rowe provincial park
One thing we love doing in the summer is camping at Ontario Parks. After a couple of years of pausing all travel plans due to the pandemic, we were super-excited to get back into some of our favourite things to do. With both our children being teenagers now and having their own schedule of activities to do, timing adventures become difficult. Planning a quick camping trip less than a couple of hours from home was fun and exciting for all of us. Thankfully, a camping trip has a lot of engaging and exciting activities for everyone in our family. We believe camping is a good way to connect with nature, which is great for our physical and mental health - and most importantly great for creating family memories!

April 3, 2018

Register for STEM Summer Camp offered all across Ontario 

My children spend some of their summer vacation being part of summer camps. This is a great way to be active, build skills, and make fun memories growing up. This summer they are excited to attend STEM camp

June 7, 2017

Register Soon for TAC Summer Camp

School will be out in a few weeks! During the summer vacations we are planning to relax, spend time camping, and going on road trips. However, these will not fill all the summer days. My children are excited about returning to TAC Summer Camp where they get to play, learn, make memories and have fun with children in the same age groups.

January 22, 2017

Register for March Break Camp at TAC Sports

tac sports
My children have been loving their past experiences at TAC Sports. They are excited about spending the upcoming March Break at TAC Sports playing sports and learning from the friendly staff at TAC. As a parent, I love that our children get to stay active and learn different skills during the March Break.

May 17, 2015

Time to Register for TAC Summer Camp

In just about a month, it will be school holidays! I think children will benefit a lot if they get opportunities to do a variety of activities and use their time in both relaxing and productive ways such as participating at active summer camps. After our satisfying March Break experience at TAC sports, we are looking forward to experience the Toronto Athletic Camp for the summer.

March 26, 2015

Our March Break Experience at Toronto Athletic Camps

tac sports camp
My children enjoyed their much anticipated March Break week at TAC Sports Camp. They loved how they were able to choose a different sport each day, and got a chance to explore basketball, soccer, and tennis. By the end of the active March Break week of fun my children were able to tell us what their favourite sport was and how each of them want to explore these sports further.

March 2, 2015

Our Plans to be at Toronto Athletic Camp this March Break

tac sports camp
Our motive this March Break is to make it productive, learn something new, and to have fun. My children are eager they will be spending some of their time during the March Break learning how to play soccer, tennis, and basketball with children similar to their age at the Toronto Athletic Camp (TAC). The instructions are provided by top certified instructors trained from the National Certification Program of Canada (NCCP). I am glad there are wonderful camps such as this Sports Camp that will allow our children to be physically active, have fun, and spend less time with electronic devices, while we are either at work or haven't planned any big trips for the family during the one-week break.

July 9, 2014

Experiencing the Fun of Creative Club LEGO Summer Camp

There are over 100,000 LEGO® bricks in various colours and shapes, boards to build on, and experienced counsellors to lead the children at the Creative Club LEGO Summer Camp. All LEGO fans, and those who are just getting into LEGO will enjoy this camp. At the camp children get inspired to build structures out of LEGO® based on daily themes and projects with their peers and instructors.

April 26, 2013

Our Childhood Summer Camp Experience and The Awaiting Fun At Muskoka Woods

When I was growing up, I always look forward to spending my summer at summer camp. While in high school, I spent my summers as a camp counsellor making some cash while having lots of fun and seeing many attractions in Ontario. My memories of camp are mostly stored in my memory drive, as none of us at that time had digital cameras or camera-phones to capture all the wonderful memories. I remember as a camp counsellor we had lots of fun carrying out our approved planned activities such as sports, crafts, cooking, and trips. I learned a lot going to camp, as it helped me grow my confidence and allowed me to take on new challenges. Here are some of the little things I saved over the years in my treasure/ shoebox :)

April 3, 2013

Time to think of Summer Camps

It is time to think of Summer Camps already, especially if you want to get a spot. TIFF Summer Day Camp sessions are geared towards children ages 8 to 16.  
The variety of camp sessions at Tiff Bell Lightbox promote creative thinking, filmmaking, teamwork and technical expertise.

November 6, 2012

Wholly Guacamole® brand t-shirts

Wholly Guacamole® brand t-shirts would be wonderful stocking stuffers this holiday season.

When we buy our Wholly Guacamole® t-shirt today, we can get it for $10 with shipping and also get a FREE Wholly Guacamole coupon with each order!  100% of the money goes to help children go to camp.
The t-shirts are preshrunk and made with 100% cotton.  The t-shirts come in white in children and adult sizes.  In the front of the t-shirt there is a Wholly Guacamole Logo and in the back it says "Friends Don't Let Friends Double Dip."

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July 26, 2012

Lovable labels back to school package review and giveaway

Lovable labels was launched in 2003 by a mom who found the need for durable, tough labels that will test time and everything children put labels through. The product line is influenced by customer suggestions and feedback. The labels are available online to make it convenient to order from anywhere in the world.
As a parent or guardian, we know daycares, schools and camps require us to label everything we send with our children.  Lovable labels offer a unique choice of colour and designs that children and adults will like.  I liked that the labels come in a convenient booklet so it would be easy to find when we need to use it.  The tabs on the booklet makes it easy to know the intended use. 
When we personalize belongings, I find children tend to take better care of it and not loose it; this in turns saves us money. 
These labels grow with the child so it is a good investment to get the back to school package with over 165 labels.  In a household of multiple children it helps to keep things organized and personal where children will feel unique.
These labels were personalized for my daughter.  She was really happy to see the cool package of printed labels with her name on it.  She helped me choose the design on the net :)  
The cool mini metal bag tags will be treasured :)  We already put the bag tags on her school and sunday school bag for September.  My daughter has placed many of the labels on all her belongings.

Loveable labels

  • are waterproof and bleach safe; therefore the labels can go in the dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer. 
  • will not fade as it is UV and temperature resistant.
  • are safe from tiny fingers trying to pick it as the labels are made with good quality 3M scotch marking film. 
  • The labels stick on all products with smooth surfaces, shoes, clothing etc. 
  • Clothing labels come in 3 sizes and aren't meant for sticking on material.  Peel n' label on garment tags, care labels or nylon lining found in jackets and snow pants without the need to iron.
  • The multipurpose sticker labels, slimline, square, fun stickers stay well on flat, clean and dry surfaces. 
  • The shoe labels are perfect for inside the non-shiny insole of the footwear.  
The lunch box "lil'love" messages are cute.  Children will like to see these messages in their lunch box.  I pasted the stickers on little cards and transparent plastic paper so I could place different messages inside the lunch box and bag.  This way I could change it up and reuse the stickers to make a special moment during lunch.
There are many other unique products on the Loveable label site, do check it out for yourself.  
Get the labels now so you can prepare and be ready for school in September.

Use this coupon code: BTS201213 during checkout to get $5 off on your $25 or more purchase until September 30, 2012.
Giveaway: If you would like to win this back to school package of unique labels in your style with your child's name then leave a comment on this post.  Giveaway is open to Canadian and US readers. It ends on August 10th.
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