March 26, 2015

Our March Break Experience at Toronto Athletic Camps

tac sports camp
My children enjoyed their much anticipated March Break week at TAC Sports Camp. They loved how they were able to choose a different sport each day, and got a chance to explore basketball, soccer, and tennis. By the end of the active March Break week of fun my children were able to tell us what their favourite sport was and how each of them want to explore these sports further.

I felt safe dropping my children at TAC Sports Camp because the staff was friendly, and approachable. During the week, I noticed the staff was caring, and their motive was to keep the children active and engaged. I am happy my children said they felt like they were part of a group, this is important for us and a big motivating factor to send them back for Spring and Summer Camp at TAC. 
tac sports camp
On the first day of camp, children were excited to get their TAC sports t-shirt. My daughter said in basketball they got to shoot the ball, dribble, and pass. In tennis they practiced balancing the ball on the racket while walking, bouncing the ball then using the racket to bounce. They also learned about forehand, backhand, backspin, fore-spin, and other techniques. In soccer, she said they learned to be in different positions such as defence, forward, attack, and goalie. My daughter said she also liked learning the sharp kicks and sidekicks. Both my children liked getting the hand-band that represents their level. They also enjoyed the last day of the camp with the party, and recognitions that happened where some camp participants won prizes for demonstrating skills such as sportsmanship.
tac sports camp
My daughter said she likes how they got to play different games while also learning the different sports. I was happy to hear this from my daughter because I think that is the most fun way to teach children and increase their stamina. She also told me the best thing about the camp is that the coaches are really nice. 

I like that the group sizes are small and the instructor and student ratio is small, so each child gets the attention from the instructor and is able to be always be involved and engaged. I also like how the camp is organized, and how parents get an email regards to all the information we need to know before camp starts. The only thing I needed to send were a change of clothes and snacks/ lunch. The equipment such as the balls and racket is provided for children. Since it was indoor soccer, running shoes were sufficient. I like that their program recognizes the importance of having the water as a group, and allocating time for water breaks between the games, which is encouraging with little ones since they wouldn't go for water otherwise. After the camp ended, parents are sent a progress report of what our children learned plus pictures of them participating at camp.

We really enjoyed TAC sports camp, and recommend it. They have started registering for spring and summer, so register soon. You can get more information about the dates and prices on their site.

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  1. Sounds like fun! I always loved summer camp= march break we usually did things as a family. It is so important to be active too! My kids are not in school yet but its neat to know what's out there, if we ever move to Toronto lol

  2. What a great idea being able to choose a different sport each day - I've never heard of that before.


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