April 3, 2018

Register for STEM Summer Camp offered all across Ontario 

My children spend some of their summer vacation being part of summer camps. This is a great way to be active, build skills, and make fun memories growing up. This summer they are excited to attend STEM camp

They are looking forward to having a fun summer camp experience while being exposed to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) hands-on activities. As a parent and educator, I love encouraging my children to do STEM related activities, as it builds a variety of skills that help with their overall development. Curious children become creative, confident adults who will have the skills to think critically and help change the world. 

STEM camp provides learning experiences through fun, engaging, structured programming that encourages children to explore their sense of wonder. Children ages 5 to 13 years will get to do a variety of hands-on activities that promote discovery, reward curiosity, and amaze them which will encourage our children to keep exploring. 
STEM camp is different from other camps such as sport camps, and camps offered at community centres. Their motive is to be an educational camp through hands-on, fun activities. These activities expose children to STEM related material, and keep their minds active. STEM camp believes in the power of curiosity, and how important it is for children to explore the world around them. 

More than two third of the top jobs in Canada from health care to skilled trade requires STEM knowledge. Monthly Labor Review (2015, May 1) published that, currently, the “demand for qualified individuals to fill STEM jobs outpaces the supply”. McGill University shows that while men represent 67.4% of the STEM university degree holders aged 25-64 , Women represent 32.6%. This fact shows as parents we play a crucial role to change this. STEM education is the key ingredient to support an innovative economy; thereby a healthy economy.
Since STEM camp's inception in 2013, it has been committed to encourage more girls to participate, and break down barriers that may prevent them from accomplishing their dreams. Since 2013, 3000 girls have attended STEM camps across Canada. The entire education development team at STEM camp is female. They publish a "Women in STEM" feature on their website every Monday and highlight female champions. 

Over the past years, they have grown from 2 sites and 80 children to more than 70 sites with an estimated 15,000 children in 2018. This year for the first time STEM camp is offering Francophone camps, and running two camps in Indigenous communities in Ontario. 

Each of their camps have 7 counsellors, giving 5.7:1 child to staff ratio for supervision. The counsellors are studying in STEM fields such as engineering, aeronautics, biochemistry, kinesiology, and physics. If you are interested in getting a job, check their site. 

I found the online enrolment process to be straightforward. They have over 40 locations across Ontario. The weekly themed camps start on July 3rd and end on August 20th. Since there is a maximum capacity of children in each camp, enroll your children soon.  
Take advantage of this discount code "stemcmom" when enrolling your children to get 10% off and offer your children this new experience.

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  1. This sounds really fun and awesome! Wish we lived in Ontario!

  2. So great - we're already booked up for most of the summer (gotta love Toronto sometimes) but I'll definitely keep this for next year!

  3. I would love to find one of these in my region.

  4. Looks like a great camp!

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  6. These STEM camps sound like a lots of fun, a great way to keep learning cool things during the summer.

  7. This sure looks interesting and I bet the kids will love learning!

  8. My children attended day camps in the summer when they were younger. I wish we had had STEM camps available; they sound fun and educational.

  9. These are great camps for the kids, keeps them busy and their minds working!


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