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March 28, 2013

There is a Drastic Need For Empathy In All of Us

Poverty is a sad reality.  This truth makes my heart break because I can't eliminate it as an individual.  I think it is possible at least in some level if all the governments in the world collaborate and help each other without any expectations to get anything back in return.  We all know that this problem of poverty impacts billions of people around the world.  There are many people living under the poverty line even in developed North American countries because of circumstances.

Exposing our children to know this truth at a young age is important so they learn to appreciate the things they have and sometimes take for granted; it is also a good reminder for us as well.  TIFF Kids Film Festival from April 9th to 21st will have films and features such as Children of Kabul that I think we should take our children to watch.  

March 19, 2013

By the colour of our skin...

Do people treat others differently just because of the colour of the skin?  Does racial prejudice exist in the 21st century when we see intermarriages, immigration and rapid globalization through information technology and the Internet?