April 13, 2012

TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace

TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace
TIFF Kids International Film Festival is a fabulous experience targeted for children age 3 to 13, although I think everyone will love this.
This year TIFF is introducing a hands-on experience with their new digiPlaySpace, where children and adults can immerse themselves to learn and love new technology.
TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace
We spent a fabulous time going through all the cool stations at the digiPlaySpace. It is a wonderful learning opportunity; a good place for families, camps and schools to take children. We will learn new media skills that are playful and interactive, which will encourage creativity.

A little bit of information on some installations:

My children had lots of fun exploring the Vinci tablets. The sturdy handle makes it easy for young children to hold. As parents, we don't have to worry about accidental drops to the tablet. The tablet has a camera and easy to use touch screen and buttons, loaded with storybooks and fun activities.
TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace
The Funky Forest is a beautiful display with colourful images. Children learn about the eco-system as they create images of trees with their body, play with the moving virtual water flow and try to touch the bugs and butterflies on the screen.

Adventures in sound, by Aesthetec studio is pretty cool. We have to sing/talk into the can, record our voice and then use the light brush to make unique colourful canvas paint. It is unique because the colour and texture depends on the pitch of the voice.

Sandde 3D drawing is a lovely way to experience 3D drawing and have a feel for how 3D movies are made. There is no need for pencil and paper as children use a device to draw in the air and see designs floating through their 3D glasses. I took the Sandde image on the picture below through the 3D glasses.

The green screen will take us to so many places and experience through a virtual world. It will teach how images for movie animation scenes are made.
TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace
There are magic mirrors that will make our image twist, turn and blend.

Room racers up to 4 virtual cars can go around any item we find. We can make our own racetrack by placing real life objects and create obstacles for the cars to drive around. These obstacles can be changed while the race is on to trap the cars. The augmented reality race car game is operated with video game controllers.
TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace
TIFF Kids Appcade has lots of educational apps to play with using the new tablets and mobile devices.

Micro-Makers zone is in a separate room. In this station we can explore and learn how robots are made, 3D prints where we can see our 3D models come to life and change real objects to 3D models through 3D scanning.
They had some cool solar powered toys that moved with flashlights.
There were hands-on sections to learn about creative circuitry to make small projects. This area has small parts which are not suitable for young children. Children over the age of 9 and up will benefit from this section.
TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace
We like that everything at the digiPlaySpace is made sturdy and strong keeping children's use in mind, so we can play without worrying about things breaking or damaging. The staff at TIFF was friendly and helpful in answering questions. There are fabulous movies at the TIFF Film Festival until April 22nd. The Summer Camps sessions at TIFF is held from July 3rd to August 31st for campers aged 8 to 17.

digiPlaySpace is located at TIFF Bell Lightbox on 350 King street West, do check out this benefiting experience learn and have fun.

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