April 2, 2013

3D animated TIFF Kids Opening Night Film: The Legend of Sarila (La légende de Sarila)

The Legend of Sarila (La légende de Sarila) by Nancy Florence Savard is an 82 minutes Canadian film inspired by various Inuit legends that explore the themes of friendship, hope, perseverance and self acceptance. This animated 3D movie is wonderful to watch for anyone over 8 years. The movie shows that life can be harsh and challenging for people who live on the Arctic tundra and how important the animals in the tundra are for their survival.
In the movie when the animals suddenly disappear because of shaman Kiliq, the hunters are left empty-handed that brings the whole community on the brink of famine. The three brave youth Markussi, Putulik, and Apik realize that drastic measures are required so they set out in search of the legendary land of Sarila with their adorable lemming sidekick Kimi. The land of Sarila is said to be rich in fish, game and fruit. During their journey they are confronted with numerous dangers because of the jealous shaman. 
My daughter liked the bravery of Markussi and the part when he uses his power to help his community. The 3D effects of the movie is fun to watch; there were moments when the 3D effects made us jump and other moments that made us feel calm and happy. 
My daughter and I enjoyed the song and music when the three friends go on their journey to Sarlia. The Legend of Sarila testifies to the power of hope, strength of friendship, and the value of traditional culture, which makes it a wonderful movie to watch. 
Watch this 3D animated feature The Legend of Sarila (La légende de Sarila) at the 16th annual TIFF Kids International Film Festival on opening night Friday, April 12th. Before the screening on April 12th at 5:30pm there will be free pizza, snow cones and lots of fun activities. Here are the other dates this movie will be playing at TIFF. While you are there don't forget to check out a variety of other featured films as well.
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