April 3, 2013

Two exciting premieres on Disney Junior! Henry Hugglemonster + Quest for the Crystal Mickey

There will be two special series from Disney Junior that premieres this month, which are sure to please our little ones. 

The new series Henry Hugglemonster is produced by the same Oscar®-nominated animation studio Brown Bag Films as Doc McStuffins. This show is about Henry, a high-energy monster-kid that lives in Roarsville.  The series is based on the children's book "I'm a Happy Hugglewug".  Henry like any other typical five-year-old child loves his family, enjoys playing outside with his friends, and says exactly what he thinks the moment it pops into his head. 

The series premieres on Sunday April 21st at 12:30pm Eastern.  There will be new episodes every Sunday at 12:30pm ET only on the Disney Junior Channel. 
The 22-minute episode of Henry Hugglemonster features two 11-minute stories that will keep preschoolers and their parents entertained.
In anticipation of the upcoming series my children made puppets of Henry and his sister Summer.
To make the puppets we used...
paper plates
oil pastel
craft pompoms and bow

The paper plates were cut in the shape of Henry and Summer's face and then my children coloured it with oil pastel.  
They cut the details and attached the pompoms and bow with tape. We also attached a thick cardboard piece so they can hold and play with the paper puppet face.
There will be also be a special 30-minute Episode: Quest for the Crystal Mickey, which will also premiere on Sunday April 21st at 12:00pm ET.  We will be setting our PVR; don't forget to set yours.  
The Quest for the Crystal Mickey is about recovering the Crystal Mickey statue from Plundering Pete, who has snatched it from the Clubhouse. Without the magic of the Crystal Mickey, the Clubhouse starts to sink into the ground, never to be seen again. Watch the show to see how our extraordinary hero Kansas City Mickey tries to get the statue back by overcoming Plundering Pete’s trickiest traps.
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  1. My boys are excited for Hugglemonster! We haven't heard about crystal mickey though.

    1. Do check it out Crystal Mickey plays just before Hugglemonster :)

  2. You have some very creative crafts! Good for you! I like this site for many reasons but you are extremely creative with kid crafts and that keeps me coming back. Disney is a favourite here. We will check this out on TV!

    1. Thank you Paula that is very sweet of you, I appreciate your visits and comments :)

  3. Love the little monsters your kiddos made! I'm pretty excited for both new shows too. Both my kiddos still love Disney Junior and are excited for both shows as well! :)

  4. Your so creative! We just love Disney Junior we will be watching for these!

  5. Love the masks, so cute! :) My Mimi would love these shows! :)


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