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December 25, 2012

Organizing our cable clutter with @bluelounge CableBox

Bluelounge CableBox is constructed using fire retardant plastic that keeps our cables, wires, surge protectors and power strips hidden inside a beautifully designed lidded box.  This design of the CableBox is a big relief to my family and I, as we don't like to see messy areas in our home.  
As the box slogan says, it keeps our cables "out of sight, out of mind" that is exactly what it does.  
We have decided that the best place for this CableBox in our home is by our entertainment center, where all the wires from the TV, DVD/ Blu-ray, Media PC, XBOX and other entertaining gadgets are protruding to make the whole area look untidy.  Putting all the wires inside and keeping them out of sight has made us feel "relieved".  This box has bought a more "finished look" to this area, which we recently renovated.
The CableBox comes with 10 twist ties so we can keep the cables sorted neatly inside the box.  The box measures 15"x 6" and the height is 5", which is big enough to fit the surge protector, power bar and all the other wires.  
This sleek modern design of the CableBox is available in black and white, which will suit any decor.
The power surge and strips don't need to be unplugged so it stays safe inside the lidded box.  Having the lid protects the cables and power surge from getting dusty.  
As a parent, I feel good that we are using this CableBox to keep our power surge and plugs inside the box, so it doesn't attract our little ones to put their fingers or unplug/plug the wires.
This CableBox would also be appreciated under desks, beside computers as well.  The rubber feet underneath prevent it from slipping so we can leave our connected devices over it.  This neat and tidy CableBox is a fabulous solution to have a clutter free, organized and modern look in the home, office or school.  It is available to purchase online and in all these stores around the world.  
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