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January 5, 2016

Adding a Splash of Colour and Getting Organized

organizing wires with washi tape
We added Fusion paint to a few things around our home to add a splash of colour and used Washi tape in functional ways in our home to keep us organized.

April 18, 2015

Making Stickers with Washi Tape

We made our own stickers using Washi Tape. It is simple to make these stickers, and cut out any shape you wish and paste it. We tried a few simple shapes using scissors, if you have a puncher or design cutters you can try using that as well.

February 28, 2015

Quilled Folder Cover

It is fun and easy to dress up a file folder cover with some simple quilling techniques, and Washi tape. This will add a personal touch and brighten up the folder. 
To do this I used...
Washi tape
Construction paper for the background
Quilling tool

August 22, 2014

Washi Tape Bookmark

Making Washi tape bookmark is fun and easy. I like that we can easily remove and reattach the Washi tape to make the bookmarks. Cutting the Washi tape is easier compared to other tapes, so it is fun to cut different patterns. 

June 20, 2014

Making An Impression With Scotch Tapes and Giveaway

Scotch’s new Expressions Tape is simple and fun to use to decorate and personalize our space. I did a couple of projects, which only took me a few minutes. Scotch Brand from 3M introduced their new Scotch Expressions Tapes in more than 100 colours and patterns and four types of tape; Magic, Washi, masking and shipping. The tapes have become the newest way to personalize projects. The versatility of this line of tape gives projects an added dimension. Each tape is designed to stick to a wide variety of surfaces for both permanent and temporary applications.

June 19, 2014

Using Scotch’s new Expressions Tape to Make an Impression

It is always fun to do simple crafts that do not take a lot of time, but allows us to put a personal touch to our space. I made this Washi tape decorated pencil and Tape decorated Stationary Holder using Scotch’s new Expressions Tape. These projects only took me a few minutes to do and changed my work space instantly. To make the Washi tape Pencils I used...