January 5, 2016

Adding a Splash of Colour and Getting Organized

organizing wires with washi tape
We added Fusion paint to a few things around our home to add a splash of colour and used Washi tape in functional ways in our home to keep us organized.

I have a few appliances in my kitchen that have similar plug points and we have a hard time wondering which plug is for what appliance. To make things easy and functional, I used a variety of Washi tape and a sharpie to organize. By using a piece of Washi tape and writing on it with a permanent black sharpie, I was able to quickly organize the plugs. This simple organization and labelling makes a big difference in our home!
Another fun woodworking project we did was creating a small bedside floating shelf. We painted it with Upper Green Fusion paint, and added decorative tape to the edges to make it not only pop, but most importantly to make sure no one gets scratched by the rough edges in the wood.
We also transformed a wooden window frame by adding the Bedford Fusion paint. This quick paint work totally changed the space and made the old window frame get a new look to go along with the rest of the décor in the room.

We are happy how Fusion paint allows us to easily add a splash of colour, and how we can use Washi tape in functional ways to keep us organized. 

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  1. I like the idea of Washi tape used to organize - great idea :)

  2. Great idea using the tape to label and organize!

  3. It's such a nice touch on the shelf!

  4. It sure helps to label those electrical cords. I need to get on it.

  5. Washi tape is so much fun! I have a few rolls hanging around but had never thought to use it as an organizing tool - thanks for the great idea!

  6. great ideas, i have never tried the washi tape as of yet

  7. My pre-teen is all about changing the look of things and decorative organization. She loves using Washi tape, duct tape, and paint to change ordinary things into personalized storage

  8. Neat tip thanks for sharing !!


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