Thursday, June 19, 2014

Using Scotch’s new Expressions Tape to Make an Impression

It is always fun to do simple crafts that do not take a lot of time, but allows us to put a personal touch to our space. I made this Washi tape decorated pencil and Tape decorated Stationary Holder using Scotch’s new Expressions Tape. These projects only took me a few minutes to do and changed my work space instantly. To make the Washi tape Pencils I used...
Washi tape
Scissor or craft knife 
Cut the tape to the exact length of the pencil. 
Then put some glue on the pencil and carefully place the Washi tape around the pencil using the width of the tape. 
Smoothen the Washi tape, so there are no air bubbles. The pencil can still be sharpened after placing the Washi tape, if needed peel the tape a little bit to help sharpen.  
For this Tape decorated Stationary Holder I used...
Scotch Expressions Magic Tapes
Scotch Expressions Masking Tapes
Clean recycled glass jar 
Make sure the jar is clean and dry, if you want you can glue a decorative paper, coloured paper or white paper on to the jar before using the tape. 
I placed my tapes directly on the clean, dry jar. I alternated between the patterned Masking Tape and Magic Tape. 

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  1. really great idea. I love this. Its right up my alley cause its easy and I'm not super crafty :)

  2. What a great idea on how to use your tape,recycle ! love it

  3. This is such a cool idea! My grandkids would have a hey day with this tape! (and so would I)
    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  4. Great product. My girls would love to make pencil holders like this. Pretty :)

  5. That is so cute & I love the colours you used!

  6. Great idea and what a neat thing Scotch has come up with!

  7. So pretty! Beats using an old coffee mug as a pencil holder!

  8. I really like your jar, perfect for gifting flowers in.

  9. Pretty and a great idea.
    Florence C

  10. I love the pencils, you can make them all your own so no one can steal your pencil again

  11. I never thought of decorating my pens and pencils. Great idea!

  12. A great craft that kids could make and share for their teacher gift too!

  13. What a great idea, would make for a great teacher gift! (Judy Cowan)

  14. Those pencils are really cute - wish I had thought of that when I was in school!

  15. This would be fun and easy to make.


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