June 19, 2014

Kinder Surprise is a Special Treat for Road Trips

Usually during the summer holidays when school is out, my family and I go on road trips or fly to see other countries. When we go on these long road trips, I take a few things to surprise my children. These surprises come in handy to cheer them up during their unhappy moments. Special treats like Kinder Surprise usually put my children in a better mood.
Just in case you are travelling to USA, then do not take Kinder Surprise with you as it is banned over there and is not allowed to be taken across the border.

This summer we are not planning to fly anywhere, rather I am planning to visit some of our favourite places within Ontario and also tour Montreal. There is so much to do just within town like checking out new parks and attractions, which will not only keep our children and us occupied during the holidays but will also help us make memorable moments.

Whether you plan to travel or stay close to home, do take the time to relax from the usual routines and enjoy the sunshine :) 

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  1. Kinder Surprises definitely kept me occupied as a child.

  2. My kids love kinder surprises pretty much anytime, anywhere.

  3. I think it is great idea.It is very interesting to see how you manage to keep your kids busy at many points of the trip as this will make you travel when you are more relaxed.


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