August 12, 2014

The Fuel Collection For School and Work Lunches

Times have changed since the humble brown bag ruled the lunch room. Many schools have taken the initiative to be eco-friendly and require us to bring a litter-less lunch. This insulated tote bag with adjustable strap is wonderful to carry our lunch in. The quality of food, the variety and portions we take for lunch are more important than just the convenience. Making a meal that is appealing and then putting it in a container that is well designed and multifunctional, will keep our food the way it is supposed to be enjoyed. 
Taking lunch to work or school in these well designed products give us better control of what we eat and how much we spend. These modern and practical Canadian designed containers and hydration bottles with 5 year warranty are low impact to the environment, as they are easy to clean, which saves water and energy consumption. 
Bento box is a complete lunch in one container that has two microwaveable inner containers. This bento box allows us to take a four course meal to work or school; main course, entree, snack and dessert. I like that it offers flexibility to build your lunch.
Vacuum food jar is a stainless steel vacuum insulated container with wide-mouth opening can hold up to 12 oz. Since the container is stainless steel we cannot heat it in the microwave. Make sure to not put very hot liquid, food or carbonated beverages in it as it may cause pressure build up, lid failure and burns. 
The soft sport bottle holds 24 oz of water. The squeezable bottle has a soft comfortable spout, and a practical silicone carry strap.
Snack n' dip is a handy 5oz snack container with a 2oz dipping container that is useful to take either fruit and dip, crackers and cheese, chips and salsa, or pita and hummus. Prices of these products range from $4 to $27, and are widely available at retailers across Canada.

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