August 12, 2014

Day Ja View Calendar for the School Year

Day Ja View is a calendar developed by a Toronto mom in partnership with Time of Day Inc. Day Ja View helps busy families stay organized throughout the school year. This organizational tool teaches children to be responsible, get involved in their own scheduling and manage time. This simple, functional calendar is useful for the whole family.

I like the plastic overlay that is unique to this calendar. The colour coded stickers found on the back of the calendar can be placed over the plastic overlay to track recurring activities. 
This way we can easily remove the plastic overlay and transfer month to month, which eliminates the need to re-write recurring activities. I found it difficult to write on the sticker, but it is useful that the stickers are colour coded.
There is also a space on the back of the calendar to write key phone numbers, and important information for caregivers or extended family members. It is sold online at for $26.95 online.

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  1. Hi there! Sharon Neiss Arbess here - the co-publisher of day ja view! I am here to tell you that we have updated our stickers and they are easier than ever to write on - with any type of pen - and move around the plastic overlay. Enjoy and happy organizing!

    1. Glad to hear Sharon thank you for the update that will be really useful


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