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November 28, 2015

ME to WE Gifts With a Purpose

ME to WE Artisans are handcrafted jewellery by over 1,400 mamas in Kenya. When we buy this beautiful jewellery it helps provide sustainable income to support their family, and gives an opportunity to transform their lives.

October 18, 2015

Gift Ideas for the Holidays

During a couple of fun holiday events, I checked out a few products that would be wonderful to give to family and friends. Hope this will inspire you when you start your holiday shopping! The beautiful collection of mala beads and accessories available at Tiny Devotions would make meaningful gifts for those you love that are interested in wellness, yoga, spirituality, and fashion. 

October 27, 2014

Trudeau Has Something For Everyone

Trudeau offers a variety of cleverly designed practical accessories under $50 that are wonderful to give as hostess gifts, or to be placed in the dinner table, which will be appreciated by everyone.

February 24, 2014

Win Your Own Copy of I See Me Snuggle Bunny and Personalized Book

I See Me! Personalized Children’s books are unique memorable gifts that the receiving child will enjoy for years to come. I got this beautifully illustrated Snuggle Bunny storybook that counts 10 ways that the child is loved. It always feels special to feel and know that you are loved, so I am a big fan of I See Me books. This book includes an adorable, soft plush bunny that both my children like cuddling. In this heartwarming personalized storybook, our children will enjoy hearing all the ways that Snuggle Bunny loves him or her throughout the day. 

February 2, 2014

Win and Create a Personalized Blurb Book To Show Your Love

Whether it’s for a proposal, Valentine’s Day or a special anniversary, creative publishing platform Blurb helps us capture and share our love in a beautiful way. With Blurb, we have complete creative control over the book we want to make. They have a wide selection from which we can choose. With books starting at just $4.95, we will have plenty left over to keep spoiling our loved ones.

December 18, 2013

Fabric Painted Pillow Cases

Children and adults alike will enjoy using stencils to make these unique, fabric painted pillow cases. My five year old son was happy with the results. He really enjoyed painting over the stencils and was very impressed with the final product when we removed the stencils.

October 16, 2013

We Got Creative With Kulapix and You Can Too With This Giveaway

Gifts with photos are wonderful to give our family and friends or use it ourself, as they are memorable. I enjoyed using the Kulapix site to create a variety of cool products with the pictures my family and I have taken. Although, photography is one our favourite hobbies I don't think we do justice to it, as we don't end up printing the pictures. Printing the images that we most cherish helps us think of the special memories. Kulapix gives us many options to showcase our pictures through printing on mugs, cards, canvas and more.

August 14, 2013

Coconut Coated Chocolate Truffles

These delicious truffles are fun and easy to make. My children enjoyed making coconut coated chocolate truffles to give family and friends during our Eid celebration. 
To make the chocolate truffles you will need...

February 11, 2013

Pause to Share Your Love

Its February and everywhere we look we can see that love is in the air.  Hallmark makes it easy for us to show our loved ones how much we care with their cute, unique gift ideas and cards.  Here are some Valentine's specific products. 

“CUPIG” shuffles and shakes his belly while singing a parody of the “Cupid Shuffle.” The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for those looking for some cuddly comfort. 

Love Ya Pup plush toys
This adorable pup’s ears flap as he says “Who do I love? You-oooh!” Coordinates with matching activity book that has 32 pages of mazes, colouring pages and word searches.
Blooming Expressions Flowers
Reveals our love all year with a flower that blooms at the push of a button.  This would be a perfect flower vase to keep in the desk at home or work.  There are lots of designs to choose from.
Something for You Pup
Deliver a special something in a memorable way with this cute pup. Simply place an item in his mouth (anything from a card or flower, to a small box of candy) and give it to your loved one. When your Valentine pulls it out, the puppy will give a little “grrr” and then a happy “ruf, ruf!” with a wagging tail.  I think this is a cute way to deliver the gift.
Ultimate Gift Bear
This ultra soft and cuddly teddy bear comes with a festive (removable) bow, so it can be given for any occasion.  Who wouldn't love a cuddly bear :)
Hallmark has always been my go-to-place when I look for thoughtful quality cards to give to family and friends.  Signature greeting cards from Hallmark makes it easy for us to express how we feel and they make a cherishable gesture.
They have Valentine’s Day Signature Collection Cards that are handcrafted with beautiful paper, rich texture and just the right embellishments.  
Hallmark also has Card Presenters specifically for Adults, this collection of cards complete with elegant and beautiful designs and are highly crafted with gems, attachments and a unique clasp. The embossed envelopes add a special touch that shows our loved ones that we care.
Fuzzie Wuzzies Card Presenters would be loved by Kids.  My children love how the card looks and feels.  This line of cards feature cute critters covered in fun textures with a Valentine message tucked inside.  Children will like storing their cute belongings inside this little friend i.e. tweety, monkey and snoopy after they remove their message.  
Hallmark wants Canadians to “press pause” to take time to “share their love” and celebrate the occasions that make our lives meaningful.  Love can be celebrated anytime so get these cute products from Hallmark to give it to those you love.
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November 6, 2012

Making a Personalized Treasure Box

Decoupage is the hottest trend in the crafting world.  Mod Podge is an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish that we can use to do lots of decorations and craft projects with a little bit of paper and cloth.  The possibilities are only limited by our imagination!  
I am new to Mod Podge and decoupage tools, so I excitedly did many projects using Mod Podge with my children.  We will be sharing our projects one at a time, so stay tuned :)  Here is a link to the Mod Podge Formula guide, which I found useful because it has tips and tricks for the beginners :)
For this Personalized box, we needed...
a shoebox
Mod Podge
Mod Podge with glitter *
foam brush
iron optional
paper to line the working surface
*Mod Podge can be found at craft stores like Michaels, and it is available in the 6-pot sampler pack or 8 oz bottles.
First iron and cut the cloth to the fit and cover the shoebox.  Apply Mod Podge generously on the shoe box and glue the cloth.  Put Mod Podge in a small section and cover with the cloth before doing another section because Mod Podge dries fast.  
After the cloth glued on the shoebox dries completely, apply a coat of Mod Podge glitter and let it dry completely before using.  This would make a lovely Personalized gift.  I gave this box to my daughter to keep her treasures.
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November 2, 2012

Maplelea Girls Canadian doll Giveaway

Maplelea Girls is an award-winning collection of Canadian dolls that inspire Canadian pride.  In addition to dolls, clothes, shoes, accessories and pets designed for each of the six regionally based Maplelea Girls from Nova Scotia to Nunavut, they also have 12 Maplelea Friends.   

Canada’s diversity is amply represented in this new Maplelea Friendswhich offers dolls with a wide variety of hair, eye and skin tones to choose from.  Maplelea Friends come dressed in a cute graphic tee and a corduroy skirt, striped footless tights and silver shoes with a cutout maple leaf detail.  Like all Maplelea dolls, this doll measures 18" tall with a soft body, posable arms and legs and eyes that open and close.  Each of the 12 styles arrive in a decorative storage box that can used to keep all the doll's accessories.  The doll comes with a 64 page journal that has prompts and questions to help children create the doll's story.

The company keeps its costs down by selling the dolls directly to the consumer, via online or by calling 1-800-668-4339 (24 hours/ 7 days a week) with a flat $9 shipping fee to anywhere in Canada.  These dolls make a wonderful gift for girls that like playing with dolls :)
Here is a link to the review of the doll and how my friend's daughter enjoyed it :)


One person in Canada can win this doll by entering through the rafflecopter below, the giveaway ends on November 16th.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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October 26, 2012

Prestigious Parker Pens

The quality and prestige that comes with Parker pens make it a wonderful, personal, memorable and unique gift for anyone from a teenager to an adult.
Parker pens always burst with lovely contemporary styles and personality.  The pen has the world-renowned Parker logo and the distinctive arrow shaped clip.  The quality and elegance of the IM range of Parker pens are always modern and progressive.  Parker IM is a reliable pen that writes smoothly.  It offers functionality and flair in its stylish stainless steel casing.   

I really like my Parker IM pen that is made in France.  This pen comes with a rollerball refill.  If the ink finishes we can simply replace the refill and hold onto our favourite steel casing.  I like how smooth the casing feels when I hold it.  The luxurious feel of writing with the pen makes me want to write only with this pen :)  I think Parker pens make the person writing with it feel a lot of care for their writing.  Even the most rushed handwriting comes out beautifully with Parker.  

The pens are available in many colours and finishes i.e. Chiseled Chrome or Gunmetal or Premium Etched Matte in black, metallic and pink.  The price ranges from about $18 to $80 depending on the model.  It is available at Staples and other fine writing retailers.  

If you would like to win a Parker pen, enter through the rafflecopter below, giveaway is open to Canadians ends November 10th.
Update: The winner is Olivia
a Rafflecopter giveaway 
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May 11, 2012

Gift ideas for Mom

Looking for some gift ideas for your mom, then check out this list.

These Goody Double Wear elastics are available at Walmart, Loblaws and many other retailers.  The bands come 3 in a pack for $4.99.  It is comfortable to wear as a fashion band or bracelet.
All the mothers and young girls will appreciate this.  I like this idea for myself to wear on my hair and also to have it around the wrist as a fashion bracelet.  It will come in handy when I need to tie my back.  It doesn't tug the hair when we remove.  
No one will think we are wearing a hair band on our wrist because it looks like costume jewelry.  It comes in gold and silver finish.
This Enamel link necklace from lia sophia is a 16-19" necklace with a removable extender.
If you are looking for something costly to impress, then checkout the selection of jewellery, watches and gifts at Classic creations.  This two-tone diamond butterfly slider pendant looks wonderful.

If you are looking for something to do on Sunday May 13th, then join Sporting Life's 10K run.  This iconic road race in Toronto supports Camp Oochigeas.

If you are looking for something to make yourself for mom, then stay tuned for my next post :)

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