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October 7, 2013

Fun Felt Owl Inspired By The Crafty Creatures Book

The Crafty Creatures book is very inspiring because of its colourful images and step-by-step instructions. I like how the author, Jane Bull shows how felt and cloth can be used to sew and knit a variety of fun, cute, wooly animals that children will enjoy playing with. There are many projects in this book I have bookmarked to try. We made this Fun Felt Owl from the book.

November 6, 2012

Making a Personalized Treasure Box

Decoupage is the hottest trend in the crafting world.  Mod Podge is an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish that we can use to do lots of decorations and craft projects with a little bit of paper and cloth.  The possibilities are only limited by our imagination!  
I am new to Mod Podge and decoupage tools, so I excitedly did many projects using Mod Podge with my children.  We will be sharing our projects one at a time, so stay tuned :)  Here is a link to the Mod Podge Formula guide, which I found useful because it has tips and tricks for the beginners :)
For this Personalized box, we needed...
a shoebox
Mod Podge
Mod Podge with glitter *
foam brush
iron optional
paper to line the working surface
*Mod Podge can be found at craft stores like Michaels, and it is available in the 6-pot sampler pack or 8 oz bottles.
First iron and cut the cloth to the fit and cover the shoebox.  Apply Mod Podge generously on the shoe box and glue the cloth.  Put Mod Podge in a small section and cover with the cloth before doing another section because Mod Podge dries fast.  
After the cloth glued on the shoebox dries completely, apply a coat of Mod Podge glitter and let it dry completely before using.  This would make a lovely Personalized gift.  I gave this box to my daughter to keep her treasures.
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May 19, 2012

Alight plus size clothing

Alight is an online clothing store that has a number of selection for plus size clothing.  The website states that there are over 1000 unique items and over 75 brands.  They have dresses for casual and evening wear, shirts, blouses, tops, jeans, denim, cardigan, boleros, shrugs, knit tops, pants, leggings, jackets, skirts, capri, active wear, accessories, jewellery, sweaters, outerwear and shorts.  They have plus size dresses for special events such as for weddings, formal, bridesmaid, prom dresses etc.  There are lots of brands to choose from, if you prefer to shop by brand.  We can shop by boutiques such as maxi dresses, clothing with dots and stripes, kimono style tops etc.  Alight also has an option to choose clothing by sizes.  

I am not sure if all of the advertised products are available online.  I received this sundress to review.  I wasn't too happy with it because it was sleeveless, as I prefer tops with sleeves. Many of us when we buy online, trust that the company will give attention to detail and give us the best product so it would be nicer if Alight pays more attention to detail on their clothing.  The tassels in this dress make it stand out, however there was one ball from the tassel missing on a noticeable area, which was disappointing because we can't replace it ourselves.  As the size was big for me I wanted to give it to a friend so they could enjoy it this summer; I felt a little unsure to give it as a gift because the quality wasn't as good.
Update: I gave it to my friend and she is really enjoying it. She has received many good compliments.

I liked that there was lining on this dress especially because without the lining it would have been transparent.  I like the style and the colour of the dress.  The dress is below the knee.  It would be ideal if Alight has an image of all how each product looks in different angles importantly the back part of the clothing Check their online description of each product before purchasing it online as it is different for each one i.e. the material used, length, where it is made, length, cleaning tips and return policy.  Alight ships international and right now they have a sale with 80% off of their original prices.  Alight also has a store in New York.  

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October 10, 2011

Crotchet cowl

To make the cowl colourful use a thread with different colours. The cowl should be easy to put and remove over the head, and remember it will stretch a little. So the length can be adjusted.

It is easy to make this cowl, chain 45 and single crotchet every line to measure 26". Then attach the sides together.

This can be done the same way knitting and then attach the short sides together by stitching with a needle or crotchet.
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September 28, 2011

Fabric painting yo yos for a plain shirt

You will need...
fabric yo yos
fabric paint
paint brush

Here is a link on how to make fabric yo yos.

Paint the fabric yo yos with fabric paint to dress up a simple shirt. It is easier to carefully paint inside the yo yo with a paint brush. If needed dilute the paint with a little water.

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August 14, 2011

Recycled bottles to keep crayon

Recycled bottles to keep crayon
A perfect way to recycle and reuse containers that are very useful around the house. We made a place to keep crayons. This activity can be done with any other type of container or tin. 

2 litre pop bottle
bias tape or cloth
white out or chalk ink
Recycled bottles to keep crayon
Poke a hole then using a sharp scissor with a help of an adult cut the bottle, cut at any point depending on how deep you want the final product to be. Don't use the scissors that are used for cutting cloth.
Recycled bottles to keep crayon
Measure the diameter of the bottle then cut a piece of cloth with 1 1/2" width and use as bias tape or use a store bias tape. Cut the bias tape at least 1/2" more so it would over lap.
Recycled bottles to keep crayon
Use glue and paste the bias tape around the bottle. This is decorative and also prevents cuts when putting the hand into the bottle. Can use liquid paper or chalk ink pens to decorate the outside of the container.
Recycled bottles to keep crayon
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