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October 7, 2018

SoSoft Fabric Painted Water Lily pillowcases and bed sheet

I used the steps from the book Ten-Step Drawing: Flowers by Mary Woodin to draw the water lily flowers and customize pillowcases and a bed sheet. For the paint, I used the SoSoft Fabric paint from DecoArt. 

April 26, 2018

Poppy Flower Inspired Fabric Painted Cushion Cover

Poppy Flower Inspired Fabric painting Cushion Cover
Fabric painting is a fun technique to use on clothes to add unique designs. For this cushion cover project, I chose to do a bright poppy flower inspired cover.

March 13, 2016

How to Add Monogram to Socks

Adding Monogram to Socks
Adding a monogram is a fun way to make items special and personalized. We added personality and fun to a few socks using Stencils and Fabric Paint. This project will only take a few minutes, and will give you results that you will love. This is a fun project to get the children involved. 

December 18, 2013

Fabric Painted Pillow Cases

Children and adults alike will enjoy using stencils to make these unique, fabric painted pillow cases. My five year old son was happy with the results. He really enjoyed painting over the stencils and was very impressed with the final product when we removed the stencils.

April 7, 2012

Fun with Jake and the Never Land pirates

Ahoy! Mates,

Jake and the Never Land pirates: Peter Pan returns is available on DVD since April 3rd; it has over 2 hours of special features.
This story is about Peter Pan's missing shadow. While Peter was playing the game Catch-me-if-you-can, he looses his shadow and Captain hook takes it. He goes to ask his friend Jake's help. His friends Izzy, Cubby and parrot Skully join to work as a team to find Peter's shadow. Peter needed his shadow to fly so he had to get it back from captain hook.
This is a lovely movie with lots of songs to keep the children entertained while you are doing some spring cleaning and catching up :)
Painting egg shells. This could be a lovely activity for anytime of the year. To make these Pirate eggs we need to remove the inside yolk and white. First shake the egg carefully, then use a sharp skewer or fork and pierce the narrow end of the egg. Make the pierced part a little big, place a bowl and invert the egg to remove the inside and save it for cooking.
Wash and let the eggshell dry upside down.
We painted these eggshells using sharpie markers.
To make holders
Cut a strip of light board or construction paper about 1" wide, for the length measure the circumference of one side of the egg.
Decorate the strip.
Then slit 1/2" on one corner of the strip from the top and for the other corner cut from the bottom 1/2" (click on the above picture and look closer).
The slits should go into each other and attach.
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February 25, 2012

Sharpie fabric paint

Sharpie® has launched a new product Stained by Sharpie, which is a marker to paint on fabric.
It is a brush tip with fabric ink that creates thick and thin lines. Ink is AP-certified and non-toxic. The paint doesn't fade on most fabric when washed on a normal wash cycle. It is suggested for best results the clothes stained by the markers should be hang to dry. There are eight vibrant colours sold individually and in packs of 4 and 8.
They could have added 2 more colours white and brown :)

Here is a design I painted on my daughter's shirt. All I had to do is keep a pad of paper under the shirt, so it doesn't stain the back of the shirt and paint on it. There was no need to iron or do any other step after painting. It was so easy that we are planning on colouring more fabric.

It makes it so much easier to personalize fabric items with these markers i.e. sending things to school and trips.
So get a hold of these cool Stained by Sharpie markers, and express yourself by turning your everyday items to something special anytime anywhere.

In April Sharpie and MuchMusic will team up to inspire and showcase Canadian Sharpie creations.

To win a prize pack $50 worth of products from Sharpie® please leave a comment on this post and tell me what would you do with these markers. The giveaway is open for everyone in Canada and ends on March 15th.

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Updated : The winner is flowerchild

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