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October 7, 2018

SoSoft Fabric Painted Water Lily pillowcases and bed sheet

I used the steps from the book Ten-Step Drawing: Flowers by Mary Woodin to draw the water lily flowers and customize pillowcases and a bed sheet. For the paint, I used the SoSoft Fabric paint from DecoArt. 

May 10, 2018

Win a copy of The Encyclopedia of Landscape Design

Encyclopedia of landscape design is an inspiring book that helps us to plan, build, and plant in our outdoor space. This book will be useful for anyone looking to do a total redesign or target a specific area of their garden. We like the fresh and achievable ideas in this guide, which will be useful for every gardener. The Encyclopedia of landscape design is produced by a team of award-winning horticultural experts.

December 26, 2016

Vase of Flowers Made with Paper

vase of flowers construction paper
During winter we miss fresh flowers from our garden, so any activity that adds some colour is a choice for my children and I. This is a fun activity that children will enjoy doing needs...

July 13, 2015

Making a Trellis DIY Project

how to build diy trellis
In spring, we made a v-shaped Trellis for our Clematis. It is cheaper to make a trellis with only a few materials compared to buying one. For this project, I haven't provided exact measurements because you can adjust the length of the wood according to where you want to place the trellis for example in a deep pot or against the fence etc. The measurements also depend on what type of plant you want to use the trellis for such as Clematis, Jasmine etc. Hope the pictures and the instructions below will inspire you to make your own trellis and save some money.

August 26, 2014

Colouring and Drawing Flowers with Crayola

As a mom, I always look for quality creative products, as it eliminates frustration when our children are using them. Creative products that have quality help our children express themselves, and gives them inspiration. Crayola is committed to provide the best-in-class quality products.

April 5, 2013

Mystery of Life: Our survival depends on flowers

Before watching the Disneynature Wings of Life I thought the movie was about butterflies.  However, while watching the movie I realized it is called “Wings of life” because it outlines the importance of pollinators such as beetles, insects, bees, hummingbirds and bats that carry the pollen grains to other plants, so the plants can reproduce. I recommend this heartwarming movie for the whole family, as it points out the importance of flowers. This DVD and Blu-ray combo will be available on April 16th.

I also read the book Rainforest by Thomas Marent, which is filled with beautiful close-up photographs of the rare beauties found in the exciting, but dangerous tropical rainforests.  The pictures are amazing, which shows us the uniqueness and the beautiful details found in nature if we just stop to look at it.  

September 7, 2012


Allium has clusters of flowers that come from one point or umbels in the beginning of Summer.  These perennial flowers add lots of drama and beauty to the garden.  

It is easy to grow Alliums as it grows from self propitiating seeds.  We have to be careful when weeding as the small shoots and leaves look like grass.  In the first year, the plant will not have any flowers.  These Allium "Globemaster" grows about 32" tall.  It has a strong stem and low growing leaves.  

Animals don't target these deep violet clusters of flowers as these flowers belong to the lily and onion family.  

If you want to decorate with these flowers cut the flowers and let it stand in a bucket of lukewarm water for 6 to 8 hours before using it for decoration.

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May 12, 2012

Paper flowers

craft paper tissue
pipe cleaners
glue optional

Cut the paper into a rectangle 8" x 6".  Keep 2 to 4 pieces or more tissue paper over each.  Can use different colours and alternate it.  

Then fold like a fan/ accordion.  Fold the accordion in half, place the pipe cleaner in the middle about 1 1/2" of the pipe cleaner sticking out then fold the pipe cleaner down to make it tight.

We can snip the edges of the accordion to make it curvy at this point if you wish.  Pull the layers up carefully one layer at a time.

It is optional to put a little bit of glue on both sides of the accordion to make the petals come upwards.
Bring the tissue paper upwards to make it look like a flower.  Snip the paper if needed to make it look like petals.

I got cards from my children and also this paper bag or pouch made from my daughter to put little notes :)

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November 9, 2011

Dahlia flowers to decorate

Dahlias last the longest and can be picked till autumn, these flowers are beautiful for decoration.

Dahlia 2011

Dahlias are annually planted. These plants need lots of care and pruning which is worth the effort.
There are so many varieties of colours and shapes of these tuberous plant. Dahlia's attract earwigs which a problem, so tap the flowers carefully before bringing it indoors.

Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

Ball dahlia red 2010

Pink dahlia 2010

Red pompom like dahlias known as Aurora's kiss.
Dahlias are worth the hard work of tending as they give blooms throughout Summer and Autumn.

Sunset pink dahlias 2009

Variety of dahlias 2009

Dinner plate dahlia bigger than an adults hand 2008

Thomas Edison dahlia bigger than an adults hand 2008

Dahlia tubers

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September 10, 2011

Flower chains to celebrate with

straws cut into 2"
twine thread
shapes of flowers in different colours cut from printer paper
thick embroidery needle

Use the needle and thread the twine. This needle is safer because it is not sharp. Thread the straw and flowers to any length that will be easier to put and remove ones it is tied around the neck.

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April 10, 2011

Crocus flower

Crocus sign of Spring picture from the garden, these flowers were photographed on our visit to Riverdale farm.

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March 20, 2011

Spring flowers in a pot

What you need to make this lovely pot of flowers to welcome Spring...

small branch from a tree
clay or recycled plastic pot
paper or modelling clay to put inside the pot
tissue paper different colours for flowers and leaves
white glue
paint optional

Put the branch inside the pot and place paper around it and colour it brown or green. Or put the branch inside the pot and place brown or green modelling clay inside the pot to secure the branch.
Cut different colours of tissue paper into small squares or pieces and pinch it into flowers and stick it onto the branch with glue. Using green tissue make leaves similar to how the flowers were made.
Colour the pot, branch and paper inside the pot if you like.
This craft can be kept for a long time and it is a lovely activity of any age group. With younger children supervision and help is required. This craft is inspired several years ago by a magazine or internet I am not sure and I have made these beautiful pots since then.

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