May 12, 2012

Paper flowers

craft paper tissue
pipe cleaners
glue optional

Cut the paper into a rectangle 8" x 6".  Keep 2 to 4 pieces or more tissue paper over each.  Can use different colours and alternate it.  

Then fold like a fan/ accordion.  Fold the accordion in half, place the pipe cleaner in the middle about 1 1/2" of the pipe cleaner sticking out then fold the pipe cleaner down to make it tight.

We can snip the edges of the accordion to make it curvy at this point if you wish.  Pull the layers up carefully one layer at a time.

It is optional to put a little bit of glue on both sides of the accordion to make the petals come upwards.
Bring the tissue paper upwards to make it look like a flower.  Snip the paper if needed to make it look like petals.

I got cards from my children and also this paper bag or pouch made from my daughter to put little notes :)

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  1. that is so sweet!

  2. Very cute! I actually had my son make similar flowers for his Nani today :)

  3. Very colorful and sweet gift - Happy Mother's day! :)

  4. I remember making these when I was younger. Thanks for sharing this great idea. I am going to be coming back to your blog for many of your ideas. This will help burn up some time over the march break.

  5. They are so pretty and easy to make.


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