May 14, 2012

The Secret World of Arrietty

The Secret World of Arrietty is a movie you will appreciate watching.  The first image of the movie captures the attention of children and adults.  This animated Disney movie is a heartwarming family adventure that features timeless themes of friendship, courage and determination.

The movie is based on the acclaimed children's book series, "The Borrowers" by Mary Norton.  The Secret World of Arrietty is an imaginative tale of "little people" living furtively among us, and about the unlikely friendship that forms when their hidden world is discovered.

The image and setting in the movie shows that the story takes place in Japan.  It is hard to choose a favourite part because the whole movie is filled with many fabulous scenes.  The movie had lots of thought provoking dialogue, which were beautifully said.  It is easy to understand the movie in different perspectives such as how the life of a borrower is similar and different compared to a human being.  

The first thing my daughter asked was, "Are the borrowers going to give back the things they are taking i.e. the sugar?"  To answer this question, throughout the movie during different episodes we were explained that the borrowers only take things that human beings won't miss such as a cube of sugar, cookies etc... The borrowers only take what is needed to survive and nothing more.  

We enjoyed the stylized animation, hi-definition colourful pictures and digital sounds.  It was cool to see how a "little person" finds our everyday noise of taps, fridges to sound loud and dangerous.

The 2 Disc Blu-ray combo pack and DVD has interesting bonus features such as the storyboard version of the film, original Japanese trailers and TV commercials, movie theme song by French singer C├ęcile Corbel and the music video of Summertime song by Bridgit Mendler (who speaks the voice of Arrietty).
We were able to understand and explain to the children how the music video Summertime was made because of our hands on fun experience with the green screen at TIFF digiPlaySpace.

Check out these clips and The Secret World of Arrietty Facebook.  On May 22nd you can add this movie to your home entertainment collection.

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  2. My kids mentioned that they wanted to see this movie. I wasn't aware that it was out on video yet. I think I might go pick that up and keep it for a rainy day. Thank you for the great info :)


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