March 20, 2011

Spring flowers in a pot

What you need to make this lovely pot of flowers to welcome Spring...

small branch from a tree
clay or recycled plastic pot
paper or modelling clay to put inside the pot
tissue paper different colours for flowers and leaves
white glue
paint optional

Put the branch inside the pot and place paper around it and colour it brown or green. Or put the branch inside the pot and place brown or green modelling clay inside the pot to secure the branch.
Cut different colours of tissue paper into small squares or pieces and pinch it into flowers and stick it onto the branch with glue. Using green tissue make leaves similar to how the flowers were made.
Colour the pot, branch and paper inside the pot if you like.
This craft can be kept for a long time and it is a lovely activity of any age group. With younger children supervision and help is required. This craft is inspired several years ago by a magazine or internet I am not sure and I have made these beautiful pots since then.

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