November 9, 2011

Dahlia flowers to decorate

Dahlias last the longest and can be picked till autumn, these flowers are beautiful for decoration.

Dahlia 2011

Dahlias are annually planted. These plants need lots of care and pruning which is worth the effort.
There are so many varieties of colours and shapes of these tuberous plant. Dahlia's attract earwigs which a problem, so tap the flowers carefully before bringing it indoors.

Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

Ball dahlia red 2010

Pink dahlia 2010

Red pompom like dahlias known as Aurora's kiss.
Dahlias are worth the hard work of tending as they give blooms throughout Summer and Autumn.

Sunset pink dahlias 2009

Variety of dahlias 2009

Dinner plate dahlia bigger than an adults hand 2008

Thomas Edison dahlia bigger than an adults hand 2008

Dahlia tubers

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  1. Beautiful Dahliya flowers!! So colourful!

  2. I LOVE Dahlias and these photos are amazing! SO pretty and colourful...........

  3. Enchanting photographs, very pleasing to look at.

  4. hi akheela, wow! i always love dahlias. yours look so beautiful. we dont have many varieties over here and they dont grow too well under the hot sun.

  5. I love dahlias; my mom grew beautiful dark red ones.


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