Sunday, February 22, 2015

TaoTronics® Desk Lamps

TaoTronics® Elune Dimmable Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp has seven levels that is operated with a touch slide. The dimming feature in this lamp has memory function, so we can set to the level we prefer the most. The adjustable arm helps with directing light, and the LED does not have dark area or glaring. The lamp emits white light that is perfect for our eyes because it is not overwhelmingly bright.
It does not flicker when we adjust the Touch-Sensitive Controller slider, and change the seven different brightness levels. We love that it is very stylish and has a flexible goose neck that adjusts easily to our needs. This lamp is perfect for reading and to do craft projects. Another plus compared to other lamps is the rubberized skin that is not prone to any fingerprints.  I like that this lamp looks simple, elegant, and fashionable, which is useful in any room of our home. 
The TaoTronics® Elune TT-DL08 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp is slim, sleek, and stylish. This foldable ultra thin desk lamp with a 95 degree foldable aluminum metal rod makes this visually elegant and easy to clean. It can be folded when not in use taking a rather small space on our desk. This desk lamp is great for a computer desk as it can be placed to hover on top of the computer monitor because of its 180 degree swing arm to produce the right kind of light for our workspace.
The touch control panel has three level touch dimmer that is useful for different times of the day. The night light mode, one hour auto timer, which are controlled by touch is useful and practical. This lamp can be folded by the neck and base so it is a great travel companion. It looks very stylish with its metal arm and shiny back. It can catch fingerprints, but is easily cleaned with the included soft cloth.

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  1. I would find this of benefit at work and in the home office.

  2. This would be awesome for my mom's craft room.

  3. This is a perfect lamp for our desk. I like how the arm swings to any position you need it to be in.

  4. I love this lamp,would be perfect at my desk

  5. this looks like it would be super helpful at my computer desk

  6. with my aging eyes I need to look at purchasing something like this lamp

  7. I like the LED feature and size


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