February 16, 2015

Completion of Our #KitchenReno and Painting with Para Paints

I am glad we completed our mostly DIY #KitchenReno project. We fixed the vent, tiled the floor, transformed the cabinets with Rust-Oleum, organized the drawers in the kitchen with Rev-A-Shelf, installed the Delta Touch2O Technology Faucet, and chose quartz for the countertops. I chose the coin silver grey from Para paints for the kitchen wall, and two different shades of white for the ceiling and trims.
before painting
I am glad the colour combinations we chose for our kitchen works well, and makes the space graceful. I like the coin silver grey from the Para Paints' Canadian Heritage Collection that brings beauty, and vibrance to the kitchen. I like how the shades lighten up depending on the lighting of the day, and how it makes the area feel friendly for our family and friends to hangout, and prep/ enjoy meals.
We first used the Ultra Latex Para Paints primer on the wall and ceiling that gave a beautiful base for us to work with. We always prefer to prime first, and this primer is the best we have used so far. It gave the surface a finished look even before putting on the semi-gloss Para Ultra Kitchen and Bath paint for the walls.
For the ceiling we chose a flat finish white shade that helped bring the focal point to the cabinets and flooring. We chose another shade of white in semi-gloss for the trims and windowsill, semi-gloss paint makes it easy to keep it clean. We did not encounter lingering paint odour during and after painting. 
I like how everything turned out, where the ceiling and trim blends effortlessly, and gives a beautiful contrast with the wall colour and cabinets. Right after painting I thought it the colour I chose was going to be dull, however thankfully :) it brightened up once it dried and matched exactly to the colour on the sample card. 

I love the brightness and the quality of their paints. There are different brands of their paints, we chose the Ultra series for our kitchen. Para Paints has a forecast of beautiful vibrant colours that are available in many Home Improvement stores perfect for any room in our home.

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  1. That is absolutely stunning!! I would have to move my computer into the kitchen just to stare as much as possible!

  2. That's amazing that such a change can be made with paint.

  3. Great change fresh paint can make such a difference.

  4. Your kitchen looks very nice, I need to get hubby off his butt so we can get our kitchen done!!

  5. Thanx for sharing your before/after photos! Great review on Para Paints too!

  6. Thanx for sharing your before/after photos! Great review on Para Paints too!

  7. Where I live the walls are the worst dingiest white color, probably painted in the early 70's, and since these are townhome rentals we are not allowed to paint & it's killing me! I would love a refreshing, bright change like you'd made. It really looks fresher & new!

  8. Looks amazing! Looks like a brand new place.

  9. Hello,
    Lovely kitchen. Can I ask how the Aspect Metal tiles work behind your stove?

    1. Hi Mayra, thanks for asking. We have a 6 " space between the wall and the stove, so the heat doesn't affect it at all. It still looks brand new.

  10. beautiful job I really need to redo my cabinets


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