Tuesday, November 24, 2015

There Are Many Reasons We Need to #BeCovered

Life Insurance became a reality for me on the day I moved out of my parents' home, and my husband and I bought our first home! This was my first "a-ha" moment when I realized what I do impacts someone else's life. The second time I got this feeling was when my daughter was born.

As I was holding her and looking at her being dependent on me for everything, I felt scared and started to think of things like "what if something happens to me, God forbid is she in good hands." This is when I started to realize that I needed to make sure I do what I can to create the best options for our children because we cannot predict what the future holds.
During these life changing moments is when many of us start to think about "what if".  I think it is important that we become serious about what will happen to our children's lives after us, and make sure that they are covered and have a simple and affordable way to protect their standard of living, God forbid something unforeseen happens. 
By answering a few questions on an online application at Manulife Cover Me that took couple of minutes, I was able to see how much it costs me per month depending on the coverage amount I choose. I like that we can estimate the amount without consulting anyone and without doing a medical examination. Simply by answering a few yes or no questions we can figure out how much we can leave behind to make sure our loved ones get money to pay for ongoing expenses. This web based application lets anyone between the age of 18 to 55 to see how much it will cost them per month to get life insurance for up to $250,000 instant coverage. Check the Manulife site to read the plan features and what is covered. 

Twitter Party:
Join the November 25th 9pm EST Twitter party using the hashtag #BeCovered and learn about Manulife Cover Me Application, and ask questions from the experts at Manulife.
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  1. I will totally be there for the twitter party tonight and i must say what a cutie and my hubby would love the car seat cover lol

  2. Good points it it such an important investment

  3. i have liability and content insurance on my apartment, and getting life insurance is so important, thank you for the reminder to get on top of that

  4. Darn - I missed this twitter party

  5. Nothing like a new baby to appreciate life!

  6. It is very important to be covered, great you point it out.

  7. Very good points why it is important.

  8. Some good pointers here, hope everyone had fun at the twitter party - and perhaps was lucky enough to win a prize :-)

  9. Definitely something to really think about and consider!

  10. Very good read. Thank you...and you are right
    (Debbie W)


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