May 9, 2013

A Gift For Dad: Handmade bookmark and Parker Urban Pen

For 125 years, Parker has created pens that redefine writing. Now as handwriting makes a comeback, it would be a perfect gift to give our dads or the men in our lives :)
This Parker Urban is a cool pen that redefines modern writing, as it combines ergonomics with art to give an unconventional shape. It has the perfect weight and balance to make beautiful curved writing. I really like the shine and the beautiful black colour body of the pen. This modern premium quality pen has an asymmetric cisele pattern, and provides durability and flamboyance. 
The pen includes a stainless steel nib and comes in a Parker gift box, so it would be easy for us to pack as a gift. We can purchase this pen at any fine writing specialty store throughout Canada between the price range of $32 to $100 depending on the model we choose.
My children decided that they want to give this pen along  with something they made for their dad. So I helped my children make this easy, fun bookmark.
To make this bookmark you will need...
Colourful cloth ribbon
Hole puncher
Creative duct tape 
Parker pen to write a personal message

First measure about 6" to 7" long duct tape and cut two pieces. Carefully place one piece over another so both sides of the bookmark will have the design.

Put a hole using a hole puncher about 1/2" from the top of the bookmark and place a colourful cloth ribbon through the hole. 
Write a personal message on the bookmark if you wish.
If you live in Canada and would like to win this Parker Urban Pen before June 15th please enter through the rafflecopter below. 
Winner will have 48 hours from the time of contact to claim the prize. Please follow all social media networks and comment to be eligible.
Update: The winner is Judy

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